Production Worker

Job Summary

This position is responsible for :

  • Assembling mechanical custom products, that can meet requirements of quality and date of delivery.
  • Keeping working area cleaning and ordered, as 6S requires.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To assemble, test and package the custom products according to WI
  • To check raw material, semi-finished products and finished products during the process of the manufacture. To produce a quality product and improve the efficiency continuously.
  • To do goods- shipping and receiving jobs after some training
  • To follow job arrangement from production supervisor or shift-leader
  • To finish 6S job in the working area
  • To obey rules and regulations of Nordson Corporation, and follow the job arrangement

Education and Experience:

  • Vocational high school or above
  • With 2-3 years experience in equipments and machines assembling jobs

Skills and Abilities:

  • Can understand some simple drawings, and doing the assembly job as the drawings show
  • Can understand WI and work independently
  • Can use common tools such as drilling tools, nail tools, files and so on.
  • Work with team spirits
  • Person with forklift license is prior
  • MS Office skills is prior
  • Person who live nearby is prior

Travel Rate: 0%

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