Junior Assembly Technician - Class 1

Job Responsibilities

A) Responsible for mechanical, pneumatic, electric parts assembly base on specified work instruction or OMS.


B) Implement assembled units function test according to W/I's requirement.


C) Implement assembled unit protection and packing.


D) Responsible for data collection, issue feedback, continues improvement during assembly process.


E) Follow production work arrangement, work shift, overtime, replacement etc to keep production schedule and product quality.


F) Ensure all tools, equipment and jigs are used safely and correctly to prolong their life.


G) Responsible for correct implementation and continual practice of the 6S program to ensure a tidy, efficient workspace at all times


H) You will strictly adhere defined operating and assembly procedures as laid down within the Quality Management System, Route card, Work Instructions, Test procedures and specifications.


I) Anything undefined, uncertain issues or other problems please seek direct supervisor for help.


Job Goal

  1. Good knowledge of working with steel, machined, fabricated items, cables and electrical / electronic devices.

熟知金属材料,机械加工,制作电缆和电器/电子设备 。

  1. Ability to rework to a high quality such as; tapping holes, insert helix coils & stamped inserts etc.


  1. Use a wide range 'Power' and 'Air Tools' correctly and efficiently.


  1. Use a wide range of hand tools, large jigs and fixtures correctly and efficiently.


  1. Ability to perform invisible repair to powder coat steel surfaces (filling, dressing & painting).


  1. Assemble any product as identified by Production planning and work in an efficient manner.


  1. Ability to install system wiring and switching and to perform testing in accordance with test specifications


  1. Able to measure, analyse and repair any abnormal defects occurred in product assembly.


  1. Complete the checklist using the measuring tools,taking responsibility to record issues.


  1. Strong ability to train & motivate colleagues.



Work Experience:

Above 2 years assembling industrial products or parts

Other Qualifications

  1. Good knowledge of working with steel machined, fabricated, parts. Use wide range of power & air tools.

  2. Steel, machining cable

  3. Assembling with WI. Using measuring tools.

  4. Self-disciplined. Team-player. Hardworking. Loyal.

  5. Become very competent. Can work under pressure.

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