Tooling Engineer 1 - Converse

Responsibilities: Works in cross-functional teams to troubleshoot and improve existing production processes. Participates in defining and documenting procedures for all aspects of manufacturing processes and equipment. Designs, coordinates and documents trial runs of product. Assists in the design and testing of new equipment. Provides support to more senior engineers. Requirements for the position include: 2 to 3 years' experience in CAD for creation of complex injection molds, compression molds. Preferred experience in footwear molds. Knowledge of Delcam products is a plus. 1 to 2 years' experience in CAM programming for complex 3-D molds Able to communicate well both in English and Vietnamese. Function effectively in a fast paced, multi project environment with extensive expert use of machining principles including accepted shop practices, methods, standards and techniques relating to design, machining, tooling, fixtures and prototype part production. Able to organize the given tasks throughout collaboration with related Nike, factory and mold shop team independently and then to deliver the result within the given timeline

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