Logistics Brand Protection Coordinator

DC Operations: Well master inspection skill and knowledge of Nike products that covering 3 PE. Take physical inspection on the products that consumer returned, be capable of identifying whether the products are genuine. Be proficient about the inspection key points; learn the products unique information and characters through different channels. Establish the monthly inspection plan considering the actual return volume and CRW/ BZ warehouse capacity. Develop inspection tracking report to maintain inspection progress and record all related information. People & Communication: Keep good working relationships with colleagues; provide effective solution for business requests. Be a quick learner, capable of consolidating different kinds of information. Well understand digital warehouse flow and be an efficient contact window between Baozun and CRW. Technical: Have DC operation experience and understand key distribution center operational functions. Communication/Language: Fluent in English and Mandarin Management/Leadership (if applicable): Other: Proficient in Excel software with strong knowledge of analysis tools skill.

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