• Portland, OR

Nike Innovation is currently seeking an experienced Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) to explore new opportunities and innovative business models. This role would be responsible for researching targeted consumers, ideating solutions to their pain points, and turning those solutions into unbranded, in-market startups. 

Our ideal candidate has 10+ years working experience in entrepreneurial and/or intrepreneurial environments responsible for finding product market fit for new businesses and orchestrating the early stages of growth. You are fluent in consumer-centered design and lean innovation and have the ability to communicate your learnings/insights to stakeholders and collaborators for the purposes of garnering support for new business concepts and translating vision into product. 

You have previously envisioned, built, and grown consumer facing products, services, and brands and have the lessons from success and failure.

What you’ll be working on 
• Partnering with and managing external research partners to understand the problems and frictions that consumers face today and in the future; 
• Exploring how solutions could be reimagined to create new value to the consumer; 
• Translating consumer insights and problem hypotheses into product visions; 
• Designing, at a high level, business models for potential new Nike businesses; 
• Designing testing plans to validate new startup concepts on the path to 
commercialization including validating the problem hypothesis, solution and financial model; 
• Orchestrating a team of contract talent and budget to turn concepts into functioning business prototypes, alpha and beta pilots; 
• Communicating project progress, key learnings, and business rationale for why Nike should (or shouldn’t) ultimately pursue this business.

Relevant experience 
• 10+ years of experience building startups or lines of business within a corporate environment; 
• Experience conducting consumer insights research for the purpose of finding product market fit; 
• Proven track record of driving growth through traditional & social media channels, referral programs, and by designing network effects; 
• Knowledge of what to focus on – such as trust, product standardization, pricing, acquisition, retention – at what stage, and with what KPIs; 
• Understanding of how to calculate key growth-related metrics and how they drive marketing budget and business model; 
• Commercial experience delivering against a P&L.

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