DSM - Marketplace Analyst

Marketplace Analyst 产品需求规划 分析师 Responsibilities: 1. Marketplace business recap analysis to find potential opportunities in the market, help develop strategies based on sales performance rapidly, use data to conclude decisions to support high-speed growth 2. Cross-functionality collaborations to provide ideas and opinions in sales process from the perspective of data analytics 3. Data-mining, deep-dive and predictive modeling on requirements of Inventory Management, including but not limited to sales and demand forecast, product supply and inventory planning, to further enhance the accuracy of product planning 岗位职责: 1. 业务经营分析以挖掘潜在的市场机会,并基于产品的销售情况,制定快速的应对策略,以数据决策支持业务的高速成长 2. 跨部门沟通合作,为产品销售流程提供数据分析角度的观点和意见 3. 产品需求与库存管理相关的数据挖掘及预测建模工作,包括但不限于产品销量预测、产品需求预测、产品供给及库存规划建模等,提升产品规划的精准度 Requirements: 1. 2-year or above experience on data analysis; familiar with demand planning and inventory management is preferred 2. With interest in business operation and recap analysis, and strong capabilities to resolve business questions and requirements 3. Experience in modelling and data-mining; proficient in Office tools (Excel, PowerPoint) and analytics tools (SQL, SAS, R, Python, etc.) 4. Degree of Statistics or Computer Science is preferred; experience in consumer goods, retail or sports is preferred 5. Strong passion in sports and healthy living; willing to accept challenges 岗位要求: 1. 2年以上数据挖掘相关工作经验,熟悉产品需求规划及库存管理优先 2. 对业务经营和分析有兴趣,善于解决业务问题 3. 具有丰富的建模经验及较强的数据挖掘能力,能够熟练使用Office工具和分析类工具 4. 统计学、计算机专业优先,有消费品、零售或体育行业经验优先 5. 对运动或健康生活充满热情,喜欢挑战

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