Customer Service Assistant Manager

  1. Receipt of customer orders, order management: order placement and input in system, proactive resolution of problems, enforcement of company policies, product information and availability, allocation, claim management; value added services, and consumer services.

    2. Order management for internal accounts of free delivery: Company order and seeding order. Place order, delivery and shipment receipt follow up.

    3. E-Com order management: Stock reservation, weekly order replenishment for E-com. Smooth shipment to own store.

    4. System testing: System new functions development testing, bug fixed testing.

    5. Customer connections: accounts contact for regular survey or information share with accounts.

    6. Reports: Sales order analysis, Order cancellation, order reconciliation ,miscellaneous work on reports.

  2. Customer service field related experience, including order management and customer relationship maintenance.
  3. Experiences of team management
  4. Strong data analysis capability

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