Claims Analyst

Job Description.

Responsible for the workers’ compensation claim servicing. Presents and arranges claim services for clients. With the teams involved, devises and ensures implementation of workers’ compensation claim protocols. Provides resource expertise to commercial teams in claim service and technical coverage areas. Actively advocates for clients in claim situations. Provides direct claim services to clients in selected situations as requested by the Teams involved.

Job Activities.

  1. Services clients by working with carriers and others to resolve claim issues.
  2. Devises, ensures implementation of, and monitors quality of workers’ compensation claims services (this may include training responsibilities.)
  3. Maintains carrier claims relationships, contacts, and protocols.
  4. Conceives and champions implementation of claims service enhancements.
  5. Conducts periodic review of outstanding losses in coordination with Commercial Teams.
  6. Conducts claims reviews with clients as needed.
  7. Cross trains with property casualty (claims) specialists.
  8. Any duties incidental to the above.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required.
  1. Effective verbal skills, oral and written.
  2. Ability to interact on professional level with clients and their other advisers.
  3. Strong presentation skills.
  4. Strong negotiation skills.
  5. Effective problem solving skills.
  6. Organized in approach to work, detail oriented, precise.
  7. Minimum five years’ experience in brokerage/agency and/or company claims setting.
  8. Strong workers compensation technical knowledge and negotiation skills.
  9. Familiarity with Windows applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  10. California Department of Insurance license.
  11. Familiarity with relevant legislation and regulation.
  12. College degree(s) and/or professional designation(s) preferred.

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