AVP Change Readiness

Using continuous improvement strategies this position is key in ensuring change initiatives meet objectives on time and on budget by increasing employee adoption and usage of technology or other change sources. Focusing on the people side of change this person will coordinate and communicate changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organizational structure changes pertinent to the initiative. Proven ability to work in a highly matrixed and cross functional organization.

Essential Duties:

  • Conduct impact analyses, assess change readiness and identify key stakeholders. Identify, analyze and prepare risk mitigation tactics and manage anticipated resistance.
  • Support the design, development, delivery and management of communications affecting the change initiative.
  • Work with leadership to create an environment for learning, team goal alignment and accountability; identify and remove barriers to these objectives.
  • Work closely with business leadership to develop key success metrics and reporting to monitor and manage a continuous improvement process.
  • Clarify the change needed and design systems, tools, forms, and processes to enable people to succeed as they go through change.
  • Improve understanding and reduce friction between parties, seeking collaboration to implement change.
  • Support training efforts. Provide input, document requirements and support the design and delivery of training programs.

Epic/SFDC Specific Work Streams for Acquisitions, new hires and BAU
  • Training communication plan
    • Champions
      • Work with leadership to determine a champion(s) that will continue to be the goto person/people within a region or office
      • Schedule and conduct T-minus Champion meetings prior to go-live (acquisitions). Lead can partner w/ Talent Coordinator to schedule
      • For BAU, work with Regional Leaders to identify new regional/local champions based on turnover
      • Create and maintain Champion network; share best-practices etc.
    • End-user
      • Announcements, invitations, system releases; Communications will need to be created to engage the offices and the employees, identify gaps and solutions to address those gaps, ensure adoption and continue best practices and process improvement work to ensure we are using the systems consistently and with the best company outcomes.
    • P&C Mailbox management. Oversight w/ Technology Trainer and Talent Coordinator to ensure new users are added to the email distribution list).
  • Training execution/delivery that can be coordinated with talent coordinator assistance
    • Review work order to match end user to training (based on role)
    • Coordinate parties (Applied, People Results, NFP office(s), other third parties)
    • Determine location (office, hotel, meeting space, etc.), technology needs (lap tops, A/V), order food/beverage
    • Hands on System Practice (HOSP), Quizzes, Course evaluations (administer and report)
    • For New hire training – work w/ HRBP, Champion, Technology to provide Training Plan and provide completion reports.
  • Status reports for acquisitions
  • Impact Analysis for Acquisitions
    • Determine how any policy changes may impact end-users. For example, mail scanning capability of system – who or what role might be impacted by this feature? Who opens and scans the mail?

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