Social Media Production Assistant

NFL Media is seeking a full-time temporary Social Media Production Assistant to support, create and update social media content for broadcast programs, live-streams and social platforms.. The candidate will be responsible for coordinating and managing day-to-day social media activities in three main areas:

  1. Content: Utilize journalism skills to identify and creatively utilize social media in NFL Media broadcasts and live-streams

  2. Execution: Integrate social content into on-air programming; coordinate with producers to cross promote storylines in social media; identify social trends that can be added to on-air news rundown

  3. Innovation: Manage existing on-air social executions, and developing new executions that will drive engagement, promote tune-in and and improve the reach, reputation and effectiveness of NFL Media

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Work directly with producers to create a social voice for shows and drive engagement
  • Continuously monitor and updating live, on-air social media trends, activity and engagement
  • Creatively display, integrate and story tell using social metrics and data
  • Write content, create images and videos optimized for engagement on social media platforms
  • Generate content ideas for broadcast and social media platforms

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