Senior Software Engineer

The National Football League is looking for passionate & experienced engineers to help build out our fan-facing web, mobile and backend services. NFL Engineers build and maintain, NFL Fantasy Football, 32 NFL Club Sites, NFL native mobile apps and connected devices experiences, as well as other products to scale for our user base of 200+ Million fans worldwide!

The applications we build are used by millions of fans every week. This means progressive development practices and a culture built around rapid releases are at the core of our development lifecycle. Our teams value close attention to detail and code designed to face constant iteration and collaboration. Each line of code is reviewed by other developers, every pixel inspected by designers, and every feature put to the test with manual and automated testing. Continuous integration and continuous delivery give us the opportunity to put new ideas into the hands of our fans quickly and supported by a combination of analytics, feature flagging, and user testing allow us to iterate rapidly.

Some of our apps with large user bases are our mobile offerings. The NFL Mobile iOS app is written in Swift using functional, declarative and "swifty" coding style. The NFL Mobile Android app uses Retrofit, Dagger, RxJava and Databindings. Our testing practices include a combination of Unit Tests and Espresso Tests.

Our web platform is based on React.js. Check out our Open Source Projects!, a document head manager for React, an opinionated React environment, react-metrics: an analytics module for React, an execution strategy for GraphQL RxJava.

All our applications are powered by a Java-based backend platform, which is comprised by numerous micro services and includes an unified API that is leveraged to create fan-facing experiences in many shapes and forms.

We're growing our team with permanent, onsite talent. The NFL Media Fieldhouse as well as the Gridiron Studios for the NFL Network are in Culver City on Los Angeles' west side.

We are looking for an experienced software engineer with strong leadership skills and a passion for building engaging consumer experiences at scale, who wants to collaborate our developers to leverage the latest web technologies.

We get excited about using new frameworks, methodologies and approaches to figure out better ways to build digital products around content delivery across multiple platforms, including web, mobile, tablet, consoles and connected devices.

You will work closely with other groups within the NFL, as well as with partners, on joint implementations and integrations to meet aggressive performance and scalability goals to address unique traffic patterns and emergence of new platforms and technologies.

You will be involved in the entire software development lifecycle of the NFL digital offerings and will guide and mentor other engineers on architecture, implementation and best practices to reinforce a culture of constant improvement based on automation and continuous integration/delivery.

Required skills

  • Java EE, Spring, Camel, JPA, ORMs
  • Experience with other JVM languages a plus
  • Web servers (Netty, NginX, Jetty)
  • Messaging systems (Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ)
  • Data processing (Spark, Storm)
  • Search engines (Elasticsearch, Solr)
  • Relational and non relational databases
  • Experience with GraphQL implementations a plus
  • Cloud-based services
  • Enterprise integration patterns
  • Service-oriented architecture ( SOA ) and microservices
  • Event driven architecture
  • Agile development
  • Appreciate the architectural ecosystem of engineering and be able to illustrate it
  • Excel working in a paradigm of continuous delivery

Remote Work

Remote Work Not Allowed


  • The candidate should have a BS, BA, or advanced degree in computer science or relevant work experience.
  • A strong knowledge of the Java platform.
  • Extensive expertise with software stack architecture including building and maintaining database schemas, batch processing and tiered caching architectures and optimize content delivery.
  • Strategic, creative thinker who can balance short term operating needs with longer term strategic initiatives.
  • Experience building and supporting platforms which leverage CDNs.
  • Experience implementing content and data caching strategies.
  • Proven track record in building and launching successful Internet related products and services.
  • An ability to multi-task and manage the details while keeping an eye on the big picture.
  • Demonstrated ability to work on a diverse scope of projects requiring detailed analysis, creative/practical problem solving, and sound judgment.
  • Ability to operate effectively in a team-oriented and collaborative environment.
  • Must demonstrate solid verbal and written communication skills.

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Founded in 1920, the NFL’s mission is to showcase the League and its teams, uphold and preserve the integrity of the game of football, and reach the broadest possible audience of fans. The highest level of professional football in the U.S.—and the official source for everything football—the NFL seeks to define the football lifestyle and create the ultimate game experience for its fans.

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