Senior Application Developer

We’re looking for a Senior Application Developer with hands on experience applying modern front-end development practices such as building Progressive Web Apps, and Universal React apps, as well as experience using key web technologies like React, Babel/ES2015, and JSPM. This is an opportunity to collaborate with our developers, learn and utilize new web technologies, and contribute to the NFL’s digital properties including NFL Fantasy, NFL.com, NFL Clubs, NFL Now, and NFL on AppleTV and PS4.


  • Appetite for modern web development utilizing HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • Know your way around the DOM, fetch, ES2015 APIs, functional programming, and JSON
  • Have a high aptitude for advanced JavaScript (ex: React, Node, Protractor, or others)
  • Experience with progressive web development and responsive web design
  • Experience in a version control system like Git
  • Able to collaborate, mentor, support team-members to deliver systems and features internally and externally


  • Develop elegant front-end solutions using CSS3, SVG, and animation libraries
  • Implement and integrate key web components in a developer-friendly Node/npm environment
  • Actively participate in project planning, solutions and technical strategy discussions, and documentation
  • Work closely with Content, Product and Creative teams
  • Land features by submitting your code for peer-review and responding to feedback
  • Perform daily code-review of your teammates’ work in Phabricator to ensure code quality and completeness
  • Deploy features, fixes, and changes to the gigantic NFL audience on a daily basis
  • Measure and monitor the performance of what you’ve built using Application Dynamics, Google Developer Tools, PageSpeed Insights, and others
  • Maintain, improve, and introduce meaningful NFL Open-source projects

Job Benefits

Salary, Bonus, Pension, 401K, Medical, Dental, Vision

NFL Media Culture Committee hosted events – bowling night, movie screenings, sports leagues

Huddle West Cafe on campus

Catered meals during game windows

Commitment to open-source and contributing back to the development community

Remote Work

Remote Work Not Currently Available

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