SDET Engineer

The National Football League is looking for experienced Software Engineers with a passion for Testing to join our SDET team in providing the best experience for our fans.

Our products are used by millions of fans daily, and we take great pride in our work. This means leading edge development practices, a focus on automation, solving complex integration challenges due to our various API’s, building smart monitoring/alerting, a culture created around rapid releases and a DevOps mindset.

We ship on Demand thanks to our world-class continuous integration/delivery, automated end-to-end and performance testing framework implementations. Our beta release process quickly puts new ideas into the hands of our fans and a combination of analytics, feature flagging, and in-person testing allows us to iterate rapidly.

You’ll be a member of tight-knit team of SDET engineers in our office on the West side of Los Angeles that is eager to facilitate our SDLC.

After the great achievements we have accomplished we have noticed that we still need the human aspect in our testing efforts and we are exploring the idea of having a visionary and well established lead to define and drive the way we should do manual testing across the different NFL properties and processes taking advantage of using vendors that currently serve the NFL or bringing fresh ideas on how manual testing fits in our current SDLC without sacrificing velocity.


  • Drive, implement and manage manual testing strategy to improve NFL properties experience to our fans
  • Manage the relationship between NFL and crowdsourcing vendors
  • Develop tools/frameworks for anyone to write robust tests
  • Bake quality and effectiveness into the development process by assessing the root causes of issues and recommending process changes
  • Solve complex problems via Automation to leverage Alerts, Monitoring and generate data Trends for further analysis
  • Constantly research and keep up to date to harden SDLC processes via new tools or implementing steps to increase stability and reliability
  • Build the necessary software/solution to execute and keep track of performance
  • Drive increased visibility and quality assessment of SDK and first-party apps by enhancing our CI systems
  • Work with infrastructure teams to create single button and/or continuous deployment across all properties
  • Create the necessary infrastructure that will facilitate integration tests to run with the dependencies they need and guarantee bug free releases to our fans
  • Language agnostic full scaled automated solutions

Required skills

  • Ability to understand and debug large and complex code bases
  • Familiarity with JVM tuning
  • Programming experience: Java, PHP, Swift, Javascript
  • Experience with analyzing multithreading programs
  • 3+ years experience writing unit tests and system tests (End-to-end)
  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills

Preferred Skillset

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP

See Inside the Office of NFL

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