Programming Coordinator


The NFL Digital Media Group is seeking a full-time Digital Media Programming Coordinator to be a key lead for the Programming team in charge of identifying, prioritizing and programming content for each of the NFL’s digital platforms.

Essential Functions:

  • Find the strongest storylines with all types of content created by the NFL Media group (written stories, video, photo, audio, etc.) and edit and package that content always with the thought about what works best for the various platforms (desktop, mobile, mobile apps and social)
  • Use top-line analytics to identify trends in consumption and adjust programming strategies to best capitalize on those trends
  • Create daily cross-platform content plans representing the best content from each part of the NFL Media group
  • Choose exciting and relevant team-based content and write catchy, appropriate mobile alert headlines that both capture the spirit of the content and respect the personalities involved
  • Edit copy and write headlines in a fast-paced, deadline environment
  • Monitor internal email communication, social media and other outside sources to ensure that the latest NFL news is represented on all digital platforms
  • Work with photo editors to create eye-catching content displays that drive traffic to our digital media platforms
  • Ensure that all content is grammatically correct and factually accurate and that writing style is consistent with NFL Digital Media’s editorial policies
  • Work with the 32 club sites to bring in relevant content to expose on NFL Digital Media platforms

Other Key Attributes / Characteristics:

  • Proven NFL knowledge that lends itself to sound news judgment and the ability to apply NFL rules and concepts to content

Expected Hours of Work:

  • Must be willing and able to work nights and weekend
  • Previous NFL work experience is preferred

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