Producer, Emerging Technologies

The Producer, Emerging Technologies works within the Real-Time Systems department. He/she guides and manages the overall creative assets of shows or projects that he/she is assigned to. Their areas of influence encompass real-time insert graphics (VizRt) as well as social media web applications. They are involved in all the phases of the creative process: Analysis, Definition, Organization, Development, Delivery, and Support. It is a Producers responsibility to communicate what the graphical requirements will be for the development of new and existing projects. The Producer is responsible in creating timeline and milestones for the artists and programmers, and assuring that their projects are done in a timely manner. They report directly to the Manager of Real-Time Systems and work in partnership with Coordinating and Segment Producers assigned to his/her projects.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • Analysis - Understand project stakeholders goals, requirements, and schedule
  • Definition - Identify the graphical needs of a project and their functionalities
  • Organization - Collaborate with team to create documentation and schedules for the artists and programmers
  • Development - Oversee the production via feedback from artists, programmers and Segment & Coordinating Producers. Coordinate with Production personnel in providing proper test environments for each milestone.
  • Delivery - Oversee delivery of initial project launch and gather feedback for final adjustments
  • Support - Oversee the final product as it is on-air. Identify requests and needs of producers, graphic operators, and other personnel involved in the production process

Primary Objectives

Beyond what a Producer actually does, the primary goals and objectives of this position contribute to the organization in the following ways.

  • Promote the mission statement and core values of the National Football League
  • Integrity
  • Performance and Teamwork
  • Tradition and Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Learning
  • Helps communicate through branding and motion graphic design the true essence of NFL Media shows and properties
  • Research and stay current on emerging trends in media and entertainment. Including, but not limited to, augmented reality, virtual reality and social media.
  • Oversee the quality of the work being done by the artists and programmers assigned to shows that are the Producer's responsibility
  • Identify and communicate opportunities to improve work flow and design processes within the department
  • Help assure that team members are following the established standard operating procedures through the production process
  • Participate in project post-mortem meetings, and itemize feedback and areas of improvement

Specific Responsibilities

  • Understand project stakeholder's goals, requirements, and schedule.
  • Document needs of Production.
  • Identify needs to perform and deliver project successfully.
  • Document personnel requirements and schedule throughout the entirety of the project.
  • Collaborate with team to create workflow and delivery schedules for the artists and programmers. Set up milestones and track progress.
  • Collaborate with vendors to create invoices and track delivery schedules.
  • Oversee the production via feedback from artists, programmers and Segment & Coordinating Producers. Coordinate proper test environments for each milestone.
  • Review progress and test work at each milestone and inform necessary parties should the project be falling behind. Identify additional needs that may be needed for the successful completion of the project.
  • Oversee delivery of initial project launch and gather feedback for final adjustments by scheduling show-and-tells with Coordinating Producers, Art Directors, and Creative Director when necessary.
  • Create, revise, and adjust schedule with support and development personnel to work with production.
  • Draft instruction manuals and train staff as necessary to ensure successful execution of project.
  • Oversee the final product as it is on-air.
  • Ensure that final project has all the necessary documentation needed, ie. Insert and sales style guides, technical information, etc. Disperse documents to the appropriate parties.
  • Partner with sales and provide creative assets as needed for client approval.
  • Participate in post-mortem with project and Production personnel to discuss issues, areas of improvement, and future improvements of project.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Broad knowledge and experience in television production environment
  • Above average skills in Excel, Word, Photoshop
  • Excellent skills in communication, reasoning skills, time management,
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time
  • Demonstrated ability to schedule personnel
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly, verbally and written
  • General knowledge of types of insert graphics elements, graphics terminology, and football
  • Experience coordinating and collaborating with outside vendors
  • Experience in broadcast graphics project management, graphics production management, general graphics operating procedures, personnel management

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