Post-Production Workflow Technician

Reporting to Director of Media Administration, the Post-Production Workflow Technician is responsible for delivery of all projects and media to online edit rooms and audio mix suites. This position will provide support to all producers at NFL Films, with regards to their technical needs with Avid Media Composer. They will work in conjunction with the Engineering and Media Administration department to administer standard operating procedures to the system operators.


  • Document and track all technical issues with Avid environment and communicate with Engineering for troubleshooting purposes
  • Implement SOP's for delivery of all shows from offline edit rooms to online edit rooms
  • Assist all producers with Media Composer and Interplay questions
  • Help advise producers with project organization and shared project workflows between multiple operators
  • Work closely with Engineering to ensure the overall health and longevity of the system
  • Export AAF, QTs, and EDL's for project delivery and finishing
  • Proactively deliver sequences for LTO restore prior to scheduled online session
  • Assist with social media deliveries and postings
  • Work with producers for delivery of approval reels along with putting reservations on restricted media
  • Sweep system for potential naming conflicts or inconsistencies
  • Assist Engineering with hardware and software upgrades
  • Actively check system backups are current, and failover procedures are active
  • Monitor Avid LTO process as instructed by Media Administration
  • Collaborate with Media Admin for project and media deletions
  • Assist Media Admin with any Interplay catalog organizational needs


  • 10+ years of direct Avid Media Composer experience
  • Experience with Avid Interplay
  • Film workflow experience with media management and media administration
  • Understanding of video frame rates and resolutions with regards to project formatting
  • Experience as assistant editor or editor in a professional role
  • ACSR preferred
  • Network storage administration experience
  • Ability to multi-task several projects and requests simultaneously
  • Experience installing Avid Isis server, with multiple clients attached
  • Worked with Front Porch Diva Archive or similar LTO system
  • Previous experience at large post-production facility in technical capacity

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