NFL Media Senior Coordinating Producer

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Drives creative development and editorial content of daily coverage for NFL Media shows and productions
  • Strategic short term and long lead planning and execution for the organization
  • Leader of cross-platform collaboration regarding development and communication of content planning
  • Guides and reviews daily decisions of the production team including creative, editorial and budget
  • Uses strong sports knowledge and news judgment to determine concepts and content of each assigned show
  • Ensures the highest journalistic and creative standards for the NFL Media Group
  • Leads production teams to quickly identify important editorial stories and breaking news, then closely manages the Coordinating Producers and the action taken
  • Collaborates with News Managing Editors on final decisions regarding NFL news coverage and how it should be pursued, presented and assigned
  • Directly supervises assigned NFL Network/NFL Media Coordinating Producers
  • Oversees production staff working in fast paced News Room environment as well as in live studio and remote control rooms
  • Provides guidance to key production personnel including Producers, Directors, Segment Producers, Associate Producers and Production Assistants
  • High level oversight of schedules and assignments for production staff and on-air talent
  • Provides guidance, creates and builds relationships with hosts, reporters and other high profile on-air talent including Hall of Fame and Super Bowl Winning former and current NFL Players
  • Provides guidance on Talent Booking department decisions
  • Collaborates with other Media Group divisions who support the production of NFL Network shows including Operations and Production Management
  • Develops internal systems and procedures that enhance production efficiency
  • Works with Human Resources on decisions relating to hiring, separations, promotion and related compensation decisions for assigned personnel
  • Ensures full compliance and recommends changes to the approved policies and operating procedures for NFL Network
  • Participates in setting and ensuring the achievement of the financial goals for assigned NFL Network shows
  • Facilitates established review process for direct reports


  • Proven track record as a strong and visionary leader of a team within an organization
  • Successful experience with creating and producing compelling shows from inception to execution
  • 10+ years experience in sports production, including leadership in newsrooms and live control rooms
  • High level creative, journalistic and production skills
  • Extensive knowledge of the NFL and of the sports television news production process
  • High level knowledge of football and football history
  • Keen editorial judgement and awareness
  • Strong command skills and ability to lead in a fast paced environment
  • Previous supervisory and leadership skills are required
  • Familiarity with budgets and finance is necessary
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are needed
  • Good organizational and project management skills are necessary

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