Manager, Media Services

This position provides operational and technical support within our digital and physical media archives across the NFL Media facility in Culver City, managing the areas of asset management, archiving, feed ingestion, videotape vault and duplication requests. Candidate provides daily support and management across the facility in order to make sure that all daily programming is being properly recorded and archived.

The position provides technical and operational support of our existing LTO archiving system, development of our emerging Digital Content Library Support and management of our legacy videotape archives. Development of a comprehensive plan to transition the Media Group away from physical videotapes by creating a comprehensive migration plan to digitize thousands of legacy videotapes to create digital assets.

Specific details of the job requirements are listed below:

  • Management of the daily recording of our live studio shows to solid state recording media. The Media Archives Manager will work directly with the archive operators to make sure that all versions of studio shows are being recorded, labeled and archived.
  • Technical and operational support of our LTO archiving system. Using P5 software, Telestream Vantage and Premiere Pro. The Media Archives Manager will be responsible for managing the daily archiving of all content ingested to our media server, including oversight of the media operators clipping off shows, press conferences, interviews, b-roll clips and any other pertinent media assets that are ingested to our server.
  • The development and execution of a comprehensive migration plan from legacy videotapes to digital files. The Media Archives Manager will put together a long-term plan to transition thousands of physical videotapes to digital files.
  • Support and management of our existing videotape archives. This includes all of the legacy assets that are located in our Culver videotape vault.
  • Development of a comprehensive plan for space management in our Vault Archive and Tape Room. The Media Archives Manager will build out a short and long-term strategy to manage all of these space limitations in the facility. This project will coincide with the migration plan of digitizing our legacy videotape assets and moving towards LTO storage.
  • Development of a comprehensive plan to transition us away from baseband DVD burning and over to a file-based workflow. The Media Archives Manager will evaluate current technologies that are available and develop a business strategy to migrate this process to a file-based authoring workflow utilizing software tools.
  • Build out an extension of our Media Services department. As requests for footage come in from internal and external entities, we need to provide greater support for these requests. The Media Archives Manager will establish SOPs for this process and provide those guidelines to our outside vendors and NFL Films co-workers.

Essential Functions:

Candidate needs to show a demonstrated ability to work within various software programs such as Adobe Premiere, Archiware P5, Fork, Saber, Slack, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point. Experience working with both Windows and Mac OS systems. Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills that allow for highly productive workflows between the editorial and production departments. This includes sending out timely emails and written documentation to keep all of our employees updated on essential information, including timely follow-ups. Also, the utilization of various core communications tools such as Slack. Our facility utilizes Slack as a communication tool, so this position would need to establish targeted communication channels and build workflows of communication using Slack with various departments.

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