Manager, Labor Finance

Special Skills / Abilities Required:

  • Strong Accounting, Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, and Project Management skills
  • Audit Experience important
  • Excellent verbal communication and business writing skills
  • Facility with Microsoft programs — (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

Work Environment / Conditions:


Summary Description:

To manage the Member Clubs’ financial reporting functions to: (i) facilitate the accurate calculation of the Salary Cap; (ii) develop and evaluate various financial analyses; and (iii) maintain the financial integrity of the Clubs’ reporting package information used to calculate the League-wide Salary Cap. A successful candidate should have solid finance & accounting skills, excellent analytical & project management abilities, strong interpersonal and team-building skills, and an ability to work & communicate effectively with senior management.

Job Function:

  • Oversee collection of Club reported financial information used to calculate Salary Cap and other League economic analysis.
  • Responsible for preparation of the national finance component of the salary cap calculations.
  • Maintain and ensure the financial integrity of the Salary Cap Projection Model.
  • Prepare forecasts and financial analyses of Club and League revenues & expenses, and the League-wide Salary Cap.
  • Prepare financial presentations to senior management, Clubs and NFL Owners.
  • Liaison between Clubs and outside auditors on matters that relate to the Salary Cap Reporting Package process, and to improve the efficiency of existing processes (e.g., complete financial reporting packages, Salary Cap calculation).
  • Liaison between Club personnel and NFLPA representatives during Salary Cap audits.
  • Serve as a liaison between Labor Finance and NFLMC on Player Contract related matters affecting the Salary Cap.
  • Compile data to assist in the annual Revenue Sharing calculation.
  • Interact with multiple internal contacts.

Internal Contacts:

Management Council, Finance, Corporate Development

External Contacts:

Club Finance Directors

Travel Requirements:

0% – 25% When necessary

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