Football Communications Coordinator

Assist in developing and executing the social media strategy for the Football Operations department. Must have a strong understanding of football game, rules, players, coaches, and other relevant personnel.

  • Advise on management of accounts for Football Operations personnel including verifying/tracking followers and managing friend requests
  • Create, curate, publish and maintain content for several NFL Football Operations channels and ensure relevance, accuracy, and brand connectivity
  • Have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) and how they can be deployed for different brand messages/development
  • Grow player and fan engagement with Football Operations social media channels
  • Engage with audience as directed -- respond to comments, address issues presented, and drive appropriate resolution
  • Assist with management of Player Social Media Advisory Committee
  • Create detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reports of social media engagement
  • Manage analytics reporting process and work closely with Director of Social Media to provide insights, recommendations, and track against KPIs

Assist in development and implementation of Football Communications and Marketing strategy

  • Identify and work with player affinity groups, including those supporting players' wives and players' mothers/fathers, to develop best ways to work together and communicate
  • Assist with creation of weekly and monthly department dashboards
  • Manage video projects for the department including production project list, bidding on projects by vendors (NFL Films, Billy Z, etc.), review and routing for approvals

Support in servicing the Football Operations verticals to develop clear, and efficient communications and programs

  • Work with Club Services to identify projects and events we can assist in improving
  • Assist with audit and development of NFL Officiating programs (Academy, clinics, activations at NFL events, promotion of untold stories, social accounts, etc.)
  • Work with Player Engagement to assist in communicating their programs and events

Provide operational support of Football Communications and Marketing department at events

  • Assist with assembly of materials for guests, distribution of presentations, staffing, and transportation
  • Strong skills in grammar, punctuation, and syntax is required
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize effectively
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills both verbally and written
  • Effective interpersonal skills that enable one to communicate and work across the organization and with outside parties
  • Maintain autonomy on select projects and integrate internal parties where necessary
  • Detail oriented
  • Ability to meet deadlines under pressure situations

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