Director of Game Operations

  • Responsible for the administration of the annual Game Operations manual and all policy documents and reports related to Game Operations to clubs, coaches, general manager, directors of field operations, stadium operations, equipment managers, and all appropriate stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with team on preparation of annual Game Operations manual and all policy documents and reports related to Game Operations.
  • Work in Game Ops Game Day Central to monitor all games and handle or advise decision making for issues that arise in those games.
  • Summarize post-game reporting of issues relating to Game Operations and other areas of Football Operations. Participate in weekly meetings to review game operations issues.
  • Assist in drafting or compiling of reports and materials distributed and/or prepared by Football Operations department for respective clubs.
  • Support department staff in development and evaluation of future technologies related to game operations.
  • Serve as the day to day point of contact for interdepartmental collaborations (sideline sponsorship activations, branding, etc.).
  • Oversee weekly operation and administration of department’s game day programs (IVRS, ATC spotters, Still Photo technicians, Game credentials).
  • Manage departmental game assignments and command center staffing.
  • Oversee support for postseason games provided by League office/Game Operations.
  • Supervise Game Operations Manager/Coordinator.
  • Football Operations game and event duties as assigned by department, including travel to NFL games (preseason, regular season and playoffs, International Series, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl), NFL combines and other development programs, college All Star games, NFL Draft, and in-season and offseason meetings.
  • Other duties assigned by department.

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