Assistant Wardrobe Stylist

The Assistant Wardrobe Stylist is responsible for executing the desired wardrobe look for all NFL Media’s on-air talent and maintaining continuity within a production.

Job Duties:

  • Help coordinate outfits and choose accessories as needed.
  • Visit show rooms and stores to identify and select potential clothing options.
  • Unpack and organize clothing received in the studio.
  • Prepare clothing for on-air appearances.
  • Prepare clothing to send back to brands after use.
  • Assist in packing and shipping clothing for Remote Productions.
  • Accompany talent onto set, touch up wardrobe between segments, ensuring that continuity is maintained.
  • Provide fashion advice and guidance, to lead wardrobe stylist, as needed
  • Able to stand for prolonged periods of time.
  • Work in conjunction with Hair Stylist and Makeup Artists to put together overall desired look.
  • Maintain safety standards and cleanliness.

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