Senior Front End Engineer

    • Scottsdale, AZ
Be part of a team creating industry leading, software as a service, business communication tools to aid small to medium sized businesses.
At Nextiva our people do amazing things to help businesses solve their toughest challenges. We simplify the way businesses communicate. We acquired our first customer in 2008, and today over 100,000 businesses across the United States use Nextiva. Our team consists of over 500 talented people that embrace Amazing Service. Technological innovation and our team are our competitive edge. We don't study industry trends and build our products and services reactively; we define the industry's direction. We have revolutionized the way businesses communicate, and we will continue to do so. We work with passion and take our business seriously. We also aim to cultivate an environment of having fun while accomplishing our goals. Our culture is both professional and playful, and this approach plays a key role in our daily successes. Our culture of Amazing Service extends to how we treat both our customers and each other. We are passionate about Nextiva’s unique culture, and of course are looking for like-minded individuals that share our values and vision.

Required Experience

  • 5+ years of software development experience
  • Knows vanilla JavaScript and is familiar with future JS standards ES6 and ES7
  • Worked with major JavaScript framework: React, Vue, Angular, Ember, backbone…
  • Ability to create complex interfaces with HTML and CSS from fidelity designs and prototypes
  • Knowledge of browser to browser communication: WebSockets, REST services and CORS
  • Has used one of the major build tools: webpack, gulp, grunt…
  • Unit Testing front end business logic
  • Is familiar with Node and npm (does not need to be an expert)
  • Understands theoretical programming concepts: functional, object-oriented programming and design patterns
  • Would be a big plus
  • Working knowledge of React and Redux ecosystem
  • Have used a CSS abstraction: sass, less, styles
  • Built apps with Webpack
  • Understands DevOps tech: Jenkins, Docker, Ansible
  • Experience working in an Agile environment
  • Knows some backend technologies: PostgreSQL, Mongo, Python, Java
  • Has used Jira to track user stories through development

What You Will Do
You will be writing code in an Agile software development environment. Embed on a small team to deliver software features based on user stories and high-fidelity designs. You will work with a product manager and scrum master to define the scope of your work in a given 2-week sprint. It will be your responsibility to communicate with the design team and your product manager when design doesn’t match a feature’s needs. You will work with QA to resolve defects and bugs found in the code base.

Nextiva outfits modern businesses with unified cloud communications through a simple approach to UCaaS that includes bringing companies a slew of communication tools and cloud applications.

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