Sales Engineer

The Sales Engineer is responsible for sales support to Nextiva's Channel Sales division. You are responsible to assist in customer discovery meetings, demonstrations of Nextiva's full product line as well as closing appointments to generate new business for Nextiva's Channel Sales division. You are expected to be an expert in all of Nextiva's products and be able to assist in identifying solutions and solving customer Unified Communication challenges. A Sales Engineer must love technology, be constantly learning, be a leader to the sales force and technically oriented with a sales background.

Essential Job Functions:

Assist in Discovery Meetings: Assists the Salesforce in discovering customer requirements and how they match up to various products and/or features.

Adjust or Entertain Your Audience: Have the ability to speak to various levels of intelligence and knowledge with clarity and confidence. Ability to read personalities over the phone and adjust presentation or conversation accordingly.

Product Demonstrations: Be able to demonstrate all of Nextiva's product line to potential customers and/or partners to show the features and benefits of using Nextiva. Ability to minimize or maximize the depth of the demo based upon the customer/ partner knowledge base/ requests.

Product Knowledge: Full understanding of all products we offer, including hardware. The ability to delineate what we can or cannot support as well as be able to make recommendations that support customer needs. Easily identify the phones we offer and the limitations and use cases for the devices.

Closing Meetings: Assist in closing meetings to help generate new business.

Inter-Departmental Liaison: Work with Nextiva's many departments in ensuring that sales is gathering the information needed to implement and support our customers.

Processes: Understand all of Nextiva's processes and provide input and feedback when needed to improve the process and create new ones to ensure the customer experience is exceptional.

Product Development: Assist in evaluating new products and testing new features

Collaboration: Work with other Nextiva associates to help when requested. Active and enthusiastic involvement in team building and Nextiva company events.

Marketing: Work with Marketing to develop new content for marketing purposes. Attend and demonstrate products at trade shows when requested and provide feedback on various marketing programs

Traveling: When requested, travel may be required to visit customers in many activities such as training, road shows, customer meetings and conferences. Must be able to participate in onsite meetings presenting professionally and confidently the Nextiva Solution as the technical expert.

Network Knowledge: Deep understanding of data networks. Ability to incorporate network solutions into the Nextiva solution including but not limited to routers, firewalls, switches, carriers, MPLS, VLAN, VPN, and various other contributing factors to the overall VoIP solution. Ability to create or read network diagrams when needed. Ability to do onsite network evaluations as well.

Telecom Knowledge: Ability to understand other forms of telecom, primary antiquated systems. The ability to then convert those options into VoIP when solution designing. Understanding of auxiliary telecom functions such as doorbells, paging systems and various others.

Teamwork- Must have the ability to work within the team that is pre-existing. Must follow suite in terms of what has been previously vetted by any and all Nextiva Engineers. This team works closely together and remaining consistent across the team is essential to our daily function. Must be able to take directive as well as ask questions.


Position Requirements:

  • Previous Sales experience (3+ years preferred)
  • Hosted VoIP experience
  • Broadsoft experience
  • experience or similar CRM tools
  • Professionalism and high attention to detail
  • Persuasive and articulate
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and manage time effectively
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills

Meet Some of Nextiva's Employees

Michael C.

Software Engineer

Michael collaborates with a small team of data scientists to incorporate natural language processing into Nextiva’s products so customers using the tools benefit from smarter computers.

Blair W.

Senior Sales Manager

Blair oversees a team of account executives and helps motivate them to hit goals without compromising customer relationships. He also helps spread the word about Nextiva through demos.

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