Product Manager - CRM

    • Scottsdale, AZ
NextOS is a single, unified platform to seamlessly manage customer communication from multiple channels, including Voice, Email, Chat, and SMS. It provides powerful tools such as the Service CRM for Customer Relationship Management, the Rules Engine for creating and managing complex business rules, and Analytics and Surveys to proactively manage customer sentiment. The single unified platform enables seamless horizontal integration and makes it simple to implement individual or multiple applications as needed. 
Essential functions:
                 Deep understanding of CRM platform core functions aligning to sales, service and marketing
                 Practical experience working with CRM and other customer engagement tools, as it relates to omni channel functionality, activity management, analytics, workflows, surveys, calendaring etc.
                 Analytically minded
                 Solid understand of application and system design. Collaborate with various product team members and help to define strategy, product specifications and expected outcomes.
                 Advocate team alignment to meet product roadmaps and commitments to ensure that they deliver the highest value
                 Strong execution skills
                 Seek a deep understanding of your customers and are adept at understanding their problems and arriving at elegant solutions to those problems.
                 Fosters the highest level of commitment among our people through transparent communication about business challenges, successes and results. 
                 Researches industry best practices and business process improvement methods / tools.
                 Performs all other related and compatible duties as assigned.  
                 Gather, write, groom and prioritize user stories
                 Self-starter with outstanding organizational skills 
                 Participate in daily, weekly and monthly product and operational meetings.  
                 Quickly and effectively communicate complex information to a variety of audiences. Adjusts approach to the most appropriate medium, channel and tone to ensure content is received.  
                 Work in an Agile environment and help drive effective daily standups and agile ceremonies. 
                 Experience creating decks, facilitating meetings, presenting to and teaching large and small audiences 
                 Be the gatekeeper for accepting completion of development work
                 Work on additional assignments relating to the entire suite of Nextiva Products as required
                 Comfort in a dynamic and fast-moving work environment, with a positive attitude and solid work ethic 
                 Strong systems thinker, ability to see a process end-to-end and identify improvement opportunities across people, processes, and systems
                 Self-motivated and self-led. Seeks out opportunities to contribute while maintaining responsibilities and meeting expectations. 
                 As-is and To-be business process and wireframe mapping and flow experience 
                 Experience Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and SaaS product development
                 Three years of product ownership/management experience in an Agile environment
                 Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
                 CRM certifications preferred but not required.
                 Omni channel, CTI experience a plus
                 CRM deployment experience (small or large enterprise)
                 Experience with Jira and Confluence Experience with cloud-based software applications in B2B applications
Nextiva - Why Work for Us?
Because at Nextiva, our people do amazing things to help businesses solve their toughest challenges. We simplify the way businesses communicate. We acquired our first customer in 2008, and today over 100,000 businesses across the United States use Nextiva. Our team consists of over 500 talented people that embrace Amazing Service. Technological innovation and our team are our competitive edge. We don't study industry trends and build our products and services reactively; we define the industry's direction. We have revolutionized the way businesses communicate, and we will continue to do so. We work with passion and take our business seriously. We also aim to cultivate an environment of having fun while accomplishing our goals. Our culture is both professional and playful, and this approach plays a key role in our daily successes. Our culture of Amazing Service extends to how we treat both our customers and each other. We are passionate about Nextiva’s unique culture, and of course are looking for like-minded individuals that share our values and vision.
Fosters the highest level of commitment among our people through transparent communication about business challenges, successes and results. 

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