Freelance Curriculum Producer

The Role

The Summer Super Contributor will support the instructional content team  in creating engaging curriculum products from Newsela content that meet our users’ needs. In this role, you will contribute to building instructional resources that align to specific curricula. Working on multiple projects in tandem, you will be available to work 30+ hours a week and may come into our Mountain View office twice a week.

Why You’ll Love This Role

In this role, you will be a part of a team tasked with reshaping curriculum products for districts, schools, and teachers. You will support our content production efforts across a diverse variety of subjects. Your work will directly affect how teachers and students interact with Newsela, and in turn help deepen the impact of our mission to make reading accessible and engaging for all learners.

Why We’ll Love You

Drawing on your 1-2 years experience building instructional resources for educators, you are able to develop engaging, student-centered, culturally responsive resources for students and teachers. You are committed to using the most engaging and relevant content to spark curiosity and a love for learning.  You are a subject matter expert in Social Studies, Science, and/or ELA, and are familiar with standards alignment practices.

About Newsela 

Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform that combines engaging, leveled content with integrated formative assessments and insights to supercharge engagement and learning in every subject. Students and teachers use Newsela to find digital content from 100+ of the best sources—from National Geographic to NASA, to Encyclopedia Britannica, the Washington Post to the Wichita Eagle. Content is instructionalized to meet students where they are, with interactive tools and analytics to take them where they want to go. Newsela has become an essential solution for schools and districts, with a presence in over 90% of U.S. K-12 schools. Newsela is the content platform for the connected classroom.

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