Director of Data Science

Newsela is a technology company that helps students build their literacy skills using daily news. Three years since our launch, Newsela is already in 70% of schools in all 50 states and over 180 countries. We are setting a new standard for what students and educators can expect of their software: gorgeous, intuitive, personalized, captivating and addictive.

As Newsela’s usage in classrooms all over the world has grown, so has our focus on using data-driven analysis and results across every area of our business in order to make us more efficient and effective in helping students learn to read.  Our first Director of Data Science will bring team leadership to our growing team of data professionals, technical leadership to our product development, and thought leadership across the entire organization, ensuring that our practices are innovative and collaborative.

You will be responsible for building a key function into a practice. You’ll provide our talented Data team with guidance and mentorship, bringing them to new heights. And you’ll enhance Newsela’s product features and functionality by providing our decision-makers with powerful data-driven results.

Your work will not only enhance Newsela and its products, it will immeasurably help teachers and improve student literacy around the globe. If you’re as excited as we are about making meaningful change in education and affecting the lives of children everywhere, Newsela is the place for you.


  • Analyze student and teacher engagement using multiple signals, including assessment and user interaction data, to create predictive analytics of student learning and school purchasing decisions.
  • Build and maintain infrastructure for data storage and analysis.
  • Help communicate data to end users across the company so that it is accessible and actionable.
  • Work with other product teams to instrument new features for data collection.
  • Seek external validity between Newsela and real-world student literacy outcomes.
  • Manage both scientists and engineers working in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Mentor your team and set the tone for data science at Newsela.

The Ideal Candidate

  • 5+ years experience as a Data Scientist.
  • 3+ years experience managing engineering teams that solve complex problems.
  • Demonstrated experience performing and applying research in a company setting.
  • Demonstrated programming experience in both academic and business environments.
  • Proven mastery of both Frequentist and Bayesian statistics.
  • Demonstrated ability to assess abstract data science problems and come up with creative answers.
  • Demonstrated experience with experimental design and the scientific method.
  • Proven expertise in:
    • Computational linguistics/Natural language processing
    • Machine learning
    • Database systems
    • Data visualization

A Few Plusses

  • Demonstrated experience doing high-level management in a startup environment.
  • Expresses opinions on data infrastructure and the best methods to store data.

Meet Some of Newsela's Employees

Rachel W.

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Rachel is responsible for assessing article production needs in order to meet monthly and quarterly targets. She ensures time and financial efficiency through contributor and technology management.

Stephen C.

Account Manager

Stephen’s main mission is ensuring the overall satisfaction of Newsela clients, providing them with the appropriate tools and training to make the most of their personalized programs.

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