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The NeuroLeadership Institute is staffing up its content team and we are in need of full-stack storytellers. That’s someone who can not only write, edit, and report, but is also intrigued by the editorial opportunities afforded by being part of a merry band of PhDs and executives, a singular potpourri of talent, experience, curiosity, and hustle. Your byline will land in the elite business press; our brand will grow under your guidance.

Our company is a trojan horse of empiricism, making evidence-based interventions at scale in some of the largest tech, pharma, and banking companies in the world. It’s our team’s job to tell these stories in the strongest formats possible. Over the next year, the word “launch” is going to be very big to us, as in possible podcasts, newsletters, and content types that we don’t even have names for yet. This job is an opportunity to truly create something new, beyond throwing as many words as you can onto the Internet every day. It’s going to be awesome.

At least three years covering science, business, or the intersection between, preferred.

If the above describes you and who and where you want to be, we want to hear from you! Email with your resume and cover letter and three best brainy clips.

PS- To make sure we hire the people best suited to our culture, we’ve designed intensive, task-based selection process so be prepared to work hard to earn this opportunity.

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