Cognitive Science Researcher

Are you a scientist, wondering about the next step in your career? Would you like to be a part of closing the gap between what science knows and business does? Would you like to see your academic experiences have an impact in the real world?

If this sounds like you, we’re hiring. Globally. You could be anywhere in the US, the UK and Europe, Australia or SE. Asia.

Specifically, we’re looking for scientists with degrees in human neuroscience, behavioural science, social science, cognitive science and related fields, who want to transition out of pure academia.

The role involves helping us gather, synthesize and share key insights from science to provide practical guidance for organizations to help create more innovative, inclusive and healthy environments in which employees and organizations thrive.

We’re looking for well-rounded researchers and scientists who can be central to our organization’s voice in the market and have an impact on large scale client initiatives. The opportunity includes building your skills as a presenter to non-scientist audiences, helping clients design better talent strategies as a consultant, while continuing to do research around topics NLI is focused on- across culture, change, leadership, diversity and inclusion and more.

About you:

PhD in social psychology, social cognitive neuroscience, or a related field
Interest in translating science into “user-friendly” bites to craft creative solutions for clients
Confidence at presenting to non-scientific audiences and answering science-related questions
Excellent communication skills- written and spoken- and thinking on your feet
Ability to synthesize complex science and distill to key insights
Strong presenter- on camera, in online webinars and to live audiences
High quality written communications, both academic and lay writing
Ability to work well with corporate clients and help them develop strategies as part of a team
Desire to learn and present the NLI body of research and solution set
Here’s a bit about your day to day:

Partner with other teams to provide context and communicate any research in an accessible manner
Support product development and implementation to ensure high scientific standard
Synthesize and contextualize concepts and research findings from multiple domains of human neuroscience and psychology
Collaborate with other researchers to author articles

If the above describes you and who and where you want to be, we want to hear from you! Please email your resume to

PS- To make sure we hire the people best suited to our culture, we’ve designed intensive, task-based selection process so be prepared to work hard to earn this opportunity.

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