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    • Ontario, CA

As the nation's leading bottled water company, Nestlé Waters North America is dedicated to providing customers with healthy hydration options. Alongside that, we're also committed to developing our people - enabling them to make the most of the many elements that help them to succeed.

Nestlé Waters consists of four business units: Corporate, Retail, Supply Chain and ReadyRefresh by Nestlé. Whichever one of these areas you choose to join, you'll find yourself collaborating with a highly talented team on work that's challenging, engaging and incredibly rewarding. You'll be an essential element of our success: trusted, empowered and supported to make a lasting impact on the very future of our business. It's a chance to use your knowledge, skills and experience to shine brightly and achieve your ambitions - all while delivering healthy hydration to millions of customers.

We are currently seeking an Electrical/PLC/Control Lead for our Ontario, CA manufacturing/bottling facility to operate, maintain, fix, and improve equipment used in bottling and packaging operations.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

1. Leadership

a. Takes ownership and leads technical problem solving to a resolution
b. Proactive maintenance to minimize equipment downtime
c. Maintains control systems capability at or above site needs via OMP
d. Collaborates with Operations to insure solid linkage between OMP and site Vision & ZLJ
e. Provides cost and timing data to leadership team for implementation of OMP
f. Negotiates with Managers/Budget Owners for funding of OMP activities
g. Provides controls support to other sites as needed and appropriate
h. Identifies and leads to completion automation projects enabling reduction in effort hours in Operations
i. Identifies and leads to completion automation projects that deliver bottom-line savings in Operations
j. Collaborates with Purchasing to provide best value to Nestle re vendors & SLA's
k. Collaborates with mechanical lead for overall leadership of PM/Technical for the factory
l. Creation and completion of SAP reports, including work orders
m. Strong communication skills with others with the ability to coach others
n. Adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
o. Ownership & maintenance of shop area relating to electrical and controls equipment.
p. Setup area in shop for electrical training

2. Support of Operations

a. Attends Daily Operation Review meeting to support any needed controls priorities
b. Plans appropriate follow-ups with necessary parties in order to resolve controls issues
c. Provides low-cost controls solutions to operational needs, where feasible
d. Executes E&I work orders as determined by PM Pillar
e. Provides infrequent operational coverage when necessary
f. Develop electrical & PLC skills on the core team
i. Develop standard electrical & PLC training (skill matrix) for factory
g. Purchasing and sourcing of electrical components

3. Control Systems Maintenance

a. Checkpoints PLC system data at least once every two weeks to appropriate devices
b. Conducts full back-up of PLC system data to the shared drive once every two weeks
c. Maintains all system documentation up to date
d. Verifies the health of the PLC networks daily; troubleshoots to resolve any issues immediately
e. Conducts, as required, repairs to or replacement of any PLC control device
f. Updates/creates graphics, point configuration, history groups, programs, PLC ladder logic, etc. as necessary
g. Conducts system hardware & software upgrades as needed
h. Insures all PLC nodes & devices are cleaned/serviced annually
i. Maintains the proper spares at the proper levels in the Storeroom

4. Control Systems Improvements

a. Owns Power & Controls Master Plan for the site, along with execution of portions of it
b. Improves the efficiency of PLC programs and/or PLC ladder logics continually
c. Seeks, understands, and specifies new controls equipment to replace obsolete, soon-to-be obsolete items
d. Improves the documentation of control systems hardware/software layout, maintaining drawings up-to-date
e. Project management
i. Execution of small projects
ii. Be control technical lead and/or contact for minor/major projects

5. Electrical Systems & Electrical Safety

a. Owns "Energized Electrical Work Permit" System
b. Able to use appropriate resource materials to determine the available capacity of power system equipment
c. Plans, manages and completes follow up work for scheduled electrical outages
d. Able to use single line drawings, short circuit studies, coordination studies, and flash hazard studies
e. Participates in the review of proposed changes to electrical systems; gives input to the Overall Risk Assessment
f. Participates in the planning, execution, and follow up for work done during electrical outages

6. TPM

a. Attends scheduled FI Pillar Meetings, representing the Controls team
b. Provides automation solutions, where feasible (supports automation requests)
c. Supports FI team (potentially be FI team member) and the FI work process in developing solutions to technical problems
d. Supports PM team (potentially be PM team member) on PM work process
e. Supports IM team (potentially be IM team member) on IM work process

7. Technology Area(s) Responsibilities

a. Provides alternatives to obsolete/soon-to-be-obsolete E&I equipment/technologies
b. Works with vendors and manufacturer's representatives to continually improve hardware/software in technology areas in a cost effective way
c. Creates standard training material for skills matrix items
d. Trains production tech on basic electrical troubleshoot

8. Technical & Technology Skills Qualification

a. Drive Systems
b. HMI - iFix/RS View/Panel View
c. Cyber Security skills
d. PLC
i. CLX, PLC-5/SLX, SLC500, Siemens
e. Process Dynamics and Performance (PID Control Loop)
f. Network/Ethernet
g. DeviceNet
h. Virtual machine
i. Safety PLC
j. Vision systems
k. Powerflex Drive
l. High Voltage Qualification & Arc Flash trainer for the site
m. Instrumentation (process equipment calibration and setup)

• Other duties and projects as assigned by Management.
• Other duties as necessary to support Technical team
Key qualifications include:

• High school diploma or equivalent
• Eight or more years of previous production line maintenance experience
• Prior experience in a high speed clean manufacturing environment preferred, prior food, beverage or pharmaceutical experience a plus
• Strong mechanical and electrical skills with a strong understanding of equipment troubleshooting and repair
• Computer navigation skills, to include Microsoft Office applications
• Team Player

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