Senior Quality Assurance Engineer - Chicago

    • Chicago, IL

As a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, you'll have the opportunity to work on projects for a wide range of clients, play with the latest mobile devices, and work & play with a dedicated team of supergenius mad scientists. You'll be using Selenium and building automation suites from scratch. If you live for quality assurance and love working with nerds, this is the job for you!

Experience required:

• 3+ years of testing in desktop applications, web testing, database testing, etc.
• Extensive experience writing test plans.
• Well versed in entering and tracking issues through multiple product development life-cycles.
• Strength in client communication, organization, oversight, technical writing

Personal qualifications:

• Adapt to a wide range of project types and timeframes.
• Quickly and efficiently identify and prioritize testing requirements across multiple projects.
• Possess and exhibit a strong affinity for, and attention to, detail.
• Possess a natural inclination towards user experience and general usability, ensuring quality accordingly.
• Think creatively and on-the-fly, easily changing gears in order to provide varied testing approaches as necessary.
• Think critically in order to distill bugs down to the essential issues that caused them, eliminating superfluous steps.
• Communicate your findings clearly and concisely.


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