Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Architect

Why Nerdery?  

Nerdery is a digital business consultancy entering one of the most exciting phases of growth in its 15-year history. We start with identifying business value and digital strategy and how that relates to the human experience of our clients customers, but then - within the same organization - we move all the way through design and engineering, enabled by a top class delivery organization. That means we can not only co-create the innovative ideas companies need in order to win in this new economy - but we can actually build them right in-house without any discontinuity whatsoever.

Why is this role important to Nerdery's work? 

This Nerd will be on the front line of communicating the importance of cloud adoption to clients and working alongside them, as well as other internal Nerds, to architect secure and elastic environments that will grow to meet the client's needs. This Nerd will shape the client’s understanding of what's possible with the cloud and implement innovative solutions on their behalf.

What will you do? 

You will interface directly with multidisciplinary client stakeholders to understand their pain points and find creative solutions for them. One day you might be building out a CI/CD pipeline, another day you might be advising on the best practices of operating a given GCP service, and yet another working alongside our Software Engineers to deploy their app into the virtual private cloud that you've built. In short, you’ll transform the way our clients see and use GCP services to meet their digital business goals. 

Who are we looking for? 

You have a strong software engineering background, but find more excitement in building and scaling systems and processes (of the technical and non-technical kind) along the lines of the DevOps and Agile mantra People > Process > Tools. You are comfortable playing the part of Subject Matter Expert in cloud, knowing that there are hundreds of cloud services and no one can actually be an expert at all of them. You know your limitations and reach out to other Nerds as needed to meet client needs. You like working collaboratively in cross-functional teams, but you could just as easily individually scope and deliver a cloud engagement within your realm of expertise.

  • 1+ year hands-on experience with GCP and 5+ years in IT or IT consulting roles
  • One or more GCP certifications or ability to pass one within first three months
  • Robust understanding of resilient, highly available application architectures on GCP
  • Experience architecting an entire cloud environment including account structure and network controls such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), subnets, and security groups, not just a single workload
  • Strong software engineering background with heterogeneous infrastructure automation experience
  • Experience with at least one cloud orchestration tool such as Terraform or Google Deployment Manager Templates
  • Ability to provide technical feedback and leadership to other team members
  • Client-facing presentation & problem solving skills adaptable to both technical and business audiences

Why apply?  

You love being a builder. The endless possibilities of the cloud excite you - you Nerd out about it. You want to share this enthusiasm with others, and at Nerdery this is encouraged. You have strong opinions about what DevOps or SRE mean, and here you'll get to shape the future of our cloud consulting practice to then bring those opinions to life in support of customer initiatives.

Now what? 

Once you apply a Talent Advocate (not a robotic system) will review your application and if you're a solid fit, we will set up initial phone conversations. 

We hope to hear from you soon!

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