Mobile Unit Engineer Apprentice


The purpose of this position is to develop engineering and broadcast equipment maintenance skills through 5 program phases. Successful completion of the program will result in an Engineer position assigned to a Mobile Unit, Studio, or Fly-pack facility. The Engineer will supervise and perform necessary maintenance activities required for broadcasting equipment in order to meet client requirements and operate up to NEP standards of quality.

Developmental Phases:


Work with NEP Field Shop
• Report daily to Field Shop Manager
• Load and offload equipment from mobile units
• Compile load lists for mobile units
• Bar code equipment properly
• Scan equipment into equipment database
• Test the functionality of incoming cable assemblies
• Repair and fabricate cable assemblies
• Fabricate connectors for every required type of cable in a mobile unit


Work with NEP Copper Maintenance Department
• Report daily to Engineering Support Manager
• Test the functionality of incoming cable assemblies
• Repair and fabricate cable assemblies
• Fabricate connectors for every required type of cable in a mobile unit


Work with Fiber Maintenance Department
• Report daily to Fiber Director
• Learn terminology and cable connector types
• Sorting and prescreening of cable assemblies
• Test fiber optic cables for optical loss and continuity
• Visual inspection of fiber optic connectors
• Cleaning of various connector types
• Mechanical assembly and reinforcement of connector ends
• Terminate and polish connector end faces
• Use and testing of fiber hardware


Work with NEP Integration
• Report daily to Technical Supervisor
• Assist in Mobile Unit construction
• Learn various connector types and termination techniques
• Cut and label cables and terminate ends
• Lace cables into mobile unit racks
• Test cables
• Install and fax out equipment
• Understand truck schematics and read truck elevation drawings
• Participate in final mobile unit fax out before 1st event


Work with NEP Systems Support & Maintenance Departments
• Report directly to Senior Systems Engineer
• Review customer service tactics as a Mobile Unit Engineer
• Hands on experience with industry gear
• Troubleshooting strategies for equipment installs
• Project lead experience on various truck specific projects
• Ensure equipment quality control and check out
• Check and repair auxiliary equipment as it passes through field shop (including intercom belt packs, monitors, microphones, speaker stations, etc.)
• Work side by side with Maintenance Engineering Manager and Maintenance Engineers on special projects, various pieces of equipment, and software upgrades
• Install and fax out broadcast gear in mobile units (including cameras and vtrs).
• Shadow on mobile units as an extra Engineer when appropriate

Additional Training provided during program:
• Work on a specified mobile unit as a 3rd Engineer
• Report daily to Mobile Unit Engineering Manager and Engineer in Charge
• Set up mobile unit(s) for remote events
• Provide onsite preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of television equipment and systems
• Work with Mobile Unit Engineers, Mobile Unit Drivers and crew members on specific events/packages
• Coordinate equipment and scheduling logistics with Operations Coordinator
• Strike and tear down mobile unit(s)
• Equipment Specific Training through NEP Vendors/Staff.

Length and order of program may vary depending on technical skills and truck scheduling

• Evaluation of the Apprentice will be conducted at the completion of each program phase.
• Final Evaluation and Assessment will be conducted prior to Graduation.

• Completion of Associates or Technical Degree preferred from a Broadcast Communications, Electronics or Engineering School.
• Formal electronics training preferred.
• Strong Mac/PC skills (Microsoft Office operating systems) and proficient knowledge of networking.
• Ability to work on tasks and projects independently as well as in a team oriented environment.
• Must be able to work on multiple projects with tight deadlines.
• Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
• Excellent communication and organizational skills.
• Must be willing and able to lift/push/pull up to 50 lbs., and be willing to seek assistance for anything over 50 lbs. (should not seek to do over 50 lbs. without assistance).
• Must be willing and able to travel 100% of the time upon program completion to NEP remote events

  • Ability to deliver superior service and build lasting relationships by demonstrating NEP's Core Values: Innovative, One Team, Passion, and Integrity.

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