Junior Broadcast Engineer

Summary of Position:

The Junior Broadcast Engineer is responsible for learning the efficient setup, operational condition, calibration, and signal standards of the OB Unit or Studio control room and other associated equipment assigned to projects.

Statement of Duties:

Level Three

• Learning to have a basic understanding of VSM system within HD trucks
• Ability to deploy and power all HD trucks

  • Learn the role of BE2 on larger projects
  • Learn basic understanding of Signal Flow within HD Trucks/Flyaway kit
  • Learn basic understanding of equipment used within HD/DP Trucks/ Flyaway kit
  • Learn basic understanding of programming and operation of the Router
  • Learn basic understanding of programming and operation of the Vision Mixer
  • Learn basic understanding of interfacing of external equipment to the truck
  • Basic understanding configuration of transmission signals generated from the truck
  • Basic fault finding of equipment failures
  • Assist with refurbishment of Broadcast Facilities

Key Responsibilities:
1. To liaise with the project's Technical Manager to ensure you are fully briefed on the size, scope, production schedule and equipment and facilities required.
2. To have assisted with preparation of operational readiness of all equipment and facilities by the scheduled production hand over time required by any field or studio project you are assigned to.
3. To have assisted with completion of system calibration and signal checks onto the local program recording device or devices or to the end users transmission or recording facility by the predetermined time in the production schedule.
4. To ensure all requests by the producers within limits of their allocated facilities are met promptly. Any requests that require facilities not allocated to the particular project are to be referred to your Senior BE or the Technical Manager.
5. Monitor program signals and equipment during production for problems and rectify any problems encountered to minimise the impact on the production.
6. Ensure the immediate environment of the OB Unit or Studio control room is neat and tidy and professionally presented.
7. Report all malfunctioning equipment to the Technical Manager or ensure that an EMR is completed and where applicable this equipment is to be deposited in the facilities store.
8. Any repaired or in for repair equipment that is required by your designated OB Unit is to be tracked and operationally tested as soon as practical prior to any client use.
9. Assist in the technical planning and production of circuit and interconnect diagrams.
10. Assist in preparing detailed reports from field testing of new technology and equipment.
11. Keep abreast of the changes in technology that affect the television industry.
12. Perform general and preventative maintenance on the allocated equipment as required or when the production schedule allows.
13. Comply with all Workplace Health & Safety statutory legislation and NEP Australia's WH&S Management System and ensures that staff reporting to you are also compliant.

General Responsibilities:
1. To exercise informed business judgement in all dealings with potential or existing clients;
2. To provide supervisors you report to day to day support, direction and advice on all issues;
3. To identify and avoid, manage or report any risks in the business in accordance with the Company's Risk Management Policy.
4. To act in a safe manner at all times, giving due regard to the health and safety of all staff, sub-contractors, visitors and members of the general public, and ensuring that all hazards, accidents or dangerous incidents are To reported to the appropriate person.
5. To ensure that good communication at the appropriate level occurs between your department and other areas of the business.
6. To ensure any staff working in a similar junior role to this position receive the training and supervision they require to safely carry out their duties.
7. To follow all company policies and procedures as relevant to your departments, ensuring that you and members of your staff never neglect them.
8. To report and implement necessary changes required updating any systems or procedures, to ensure efficient workflow through the company.
9. To perform or action any reasonable duty, or add or vary such tasks as may be deemed necessary by the General Manager and/or CEO of the company, or those deemed to act on his/her behalf.

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