Sr. Veterinary Technician

The National Aquarium is looking for a Senior Veterinary Technician to join its Animal Health team! The position is responsible for implementing clinical and preventative medical programs as directed by the veterinarians. This includes, but is not limited to, the daily monitoring and treatment of medical cases, inventory control of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, operation and maintenance of medical equipment, preparation of medical case histories, and clinical laboratory procedures.

Key Accountabilities

  • Implements clinical and preventative medical programs as directed by the veterinarian.
  • Performs medical rounds daily and executes treatments as needed.
  • Consults with veterinarians regarding treatments and procedures.
  • Prepares medications to be administered, dispenses prescriptions, and consults with keeper staff as needed.
  • Assists veterinarians in surgical procedures and in the induction and maintenance of anesthesia in a variety of species, patient monitoring, and surgical equipment set up, cleaning, and disinfection.
  • Capable of performing the clinical radiology demands of an exotic practice, including following technique charts, creating new machine settings if none available, and improvising with positioning techniques.
  • Capable of performing phlebotomy on a variety of exotic species.
  • Assists the veterinarian or performs necropsies in their absence, and has the ability to comprehend anatomy resources and abide by proper sample collection techniques.
  • Maintains clinical records (and has the primary responsibility of maintaining and updating the treatment book and excel-based treatment sheet).
  • Maintains a daily log of treatments and procedures.
  • Completes case histories and updates TRACKS records as needed. Gathers information from staff regarding animal progress, problems, and scheduling
  • Maintains controlled drug inventory log.
  • Inventories specified areas and orders supplies and equipment (when necessary).
  • Stocks the pharmacy, crash boxes, and designated work areas.
  • Removes expired medications and supplies from use.
  • Cleans and maintains instruments and equipment.
  • Performs limited laboratory procedures, mostly including sample prep for laboratory analysis, PCV/TS, making blood smears, checking fluid pH and running dip sticks, occasional parasitology, and cytology prep and staining.
  • Responds to emergency situations and, in the absence of a veterinarian, makes decisions and carries out the necessary procedures.
  • Follows all safety protocols and uses appropriate judgment when working with venomous animals.
  • Capable of improvising when necessary to ensure safety of staff, animals, and equipment.
  • Identifies areas where protocols can be improved to increase the safety for staff, animals, and equipment.
  • Performs various errands as needed.
  • Delivers pathology samples to Johns Hopkins University.
  • Picks up drugs from pharmacy, if necessary.
  • Instructs veterinary preceptors and volunteers as needed.

Qualifications/Basic Job Requirements: B.A/ biology, animal science, or other related field of study. Applicant must have a minimum of 3 years experience working in an exotic practice, zoo, or aquarium. Completion of an accredited veterinary technical program and experience with animal handling required. Must be registered through state board and national board examination as a veterinary technician.

Competencies: Must be competent in practice of veterinary technology, medical department protocols (i.e. Quarantine, Controlled Drug), clinical laboratory practices/procedures, ordering procedures, and equipment operation/maintenance. Must be skilled in technician areas, such as sampling, treatments, lab procedures, and dispensing medications. Must possess capacity to become knowledgeable regarding aquatic and exotic animal anatomy and be able to apply standard clinical/veterinary technician procedures to an aquarium setting. Must have the capacity to make decisions based on the best interest of the collection. Additionally, they should be able to quickly make decisions in emergencies. Must be able to evaluate situations and to know when to act independently or to seek consultation from veterinarian. Should be familiar with: radiograph machines, ultrasound machine, digital imaging equipment, laparoscope, endoscope, electrocautery, gas and steam sterilizers, overhead crane, slit lamp, laboratory equipment (microscopes, centrifuge, blood analyzer, water quality equipment, etc) and Windows based PC’s and programs (Excel, Word, Powerpoint). Must possess capacity to communicate effectively and empathize with staff to provide the best care possible for collection.


Recently named one of Baltimore’s Best Places to Work, the National Aquarium opened in 1981 as a nonprofit aquatic education and conservation organization, the jewel of the city’s Inner Harbor redevelopment. SmartCEO Magazine honored the National Aquarium with the Healthiest Workplace award and the Corporate Culture award in 2016. With a mission to inspire conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures, the Aquarium is consistently ranked one of the nation’s two top aquariums and has hosted over 51 million guests since opening.

Today, the National Aquarium builds on a 35-year history of local, regional and global conservation initiatives that provide real solutions for protecting marine life, ecosystems and aquatic communities. Its Animal Rescue team has rescued, rehabilitated and released hundreds of marine mammals and endangered sea turtles throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Its Animal Welfare and Science teams participate in important research efforts to confront pressing ocean conservation issues and advocate for smarter policies at local, state and federal levels. Through education, research, conservation action and advocacy, the National Aquarium is pursuing a vision to change the way humanity cares for our ocean planet.

HOW TO APPLY Interested and engaged applicants should apply through our website Requests for reasonable accommodation can be made by e-mailing [email protected]

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