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The MuleSoft UX Leadership opportunity…

The MuleSoft executive team is seeking a user experience leader that will partner with us to transition our highly successful technology driven startup into a design centric industry powerhouse.   MuleSoft is already recognized as the industry leader in IT automation from cloud to on-premise and across mobile, web and the internet-of-things (IOT).  However achieving an unassailable market position requires attaining a high level of design maturity across our entire organization as we grow out of our startup phase.  We must make sure our products remain the technical state of the art but in addition they must become the most productive and usable option for our customers.  This challenge we face is the result of several converging trends.  One is the advent of millennials driving the consumerization of IT both as employees and managers.   These digital natives demand high quality user experiences in all the tools they use.  In addition, the IOT has increased complexity and data volumes buy adding billions of sensors to the internet to the point where legacy UX paradigms are no longer sufficient and must be replaced with advanced data visualizations and AI augmentation of human tasks to design an management it.

This is a big mountain to climb but the next wave of digital enablement on planet earth requires it.   

Are you a UX leader with the desire as well as technical and creative chops to guide us on this quest to tame complexity?

If so, read on.  If not go back to skimming your Facebook page and finish your latte.

About the Team: 

MuleSoft is a diverse company comprised of passionate UX designers, Product Managers and Developers working collectively to solve some of the world’s most intractable enterprise IT problems.    So how do you take a challenging problem and distill it down in a way that provides a delightful user experience with increased productivity yet still addresses the complexity and other “enterprise needs”?  By applying the art, craft and science of UCD to every problem from it’s inception through execution, by working directly with customers and partners to truly under their abilities, needs and requirements and by maintaining a sense of humor throughout the entire life cycle to keep the creative juices flowing.

So if you love solving design puzzles that include:

  • Blank canvases where the problems have never be tackled before
  • Designing a single product that scale for a plurality of user personas
  • Workflows that really flow and even automate themselves
  • Creating elegant conceptual models to complex systems that become easy to understand

Then, come join the revolution at MuleSoft as we overthrow the old regime in enterprise IT.

About You:

The User Experience Leader must be a change agent within the organization, responsible for reshaping the experience with integration across a product suite of programmatic, graphical desktop, web-based and mobile interfaces. 

The candidate should demonstrate a deep passion for solving big problems with elegant solutions and a solid track record of conceiving and delivering extraordinary experiences.  They should have invented new design patterns that multiple industries have copied.

Domain experience in tools and software aimed at technical audiences (developers, designers, digital media producers, IT operations, etc.) can be helpful in understanding our products, but is not necessary.  All candidates are asked to submit a design portfolio of your work that clearly demonstrates your creative skill and your contributions to putting winning products in the hands of real users.

The ideal candidate must: 

  • Prioritize delighting users (of course!) by truly empowering them to master the ever changing world of IT
  • Foster empathy with end users across the entire organization and use it to motivate the entire company to contribute to creating beautifully designed products
  • Grow and mentor a world-class team of interaction designers, visual designers and user researchers
  • Be a strong presence in the board room when design and business trade offs discussions take place
  • Be a leader in both words and actions
  • Drive designs from ideation to implementation

The Leadership journey map:

30 days:

  • Familiarize yourself with MuleSoft and competitive products
  • Build meaningful relationships with peers, UX reports and the executive team

60 days:

  • Access the current product design strategy and development methodology and suggest sustainable improvements
  • Create a program to measure product usability and track improvement

90 days: 

  • Initiate improvements of the practical application of UX art, craft and science into the companies DNA
  • Define, lead and train to fill these gaps

120 days and beyond:

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of the quest
  • Level up the whole company on the UX maturity curve
  • Redefine the narrative
  • Rinse and repeat!


Meet Some of MuleSoft's Employees

Tracy T.

Team Lead, Account Development

Tracy coaches, trains, and provides continuous sales education for her MuleSoft Account Development Representative Team. She executes on finding qualify opportunities that result in closed won business.

Shuba S.

Manager, Solution Consulting

Shuba manages MuleSoft’s West Coast Solution Consulting Team, helping create innovative integration solutions for customers to enable their business transformation.

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