Data & Business Operations Specialist

About MovingWorlds

MovingWorlds is a growing social enterprise that is building world-positive leaders by engaging them in social impact projects. Our efforts are helping accelerate the progress of the global social enterprise movement and enabling more people to work in world-positive careers. We operate a portfolio of programs for individuals, corporations, and capacity-building organizations. While our experteering platform was launched nearly a decade ago and remains in operation, our growth is being driven through our corporate skills-based volunteering + leadership programs with companies like Microsoft, Tableau, Kering, and more, as well as through our MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship which helps individuals advance their for-impact careers.

Job Headline

Lead operations at MovingWorlds to accelerate our growth and impact by enabling every team member to automate workflows, leverage data to improve our service to end-users, and lower our overall time & resources needed to deliver programs and support customer requests.

Job Description & Impact

We are looking for someone that loves project management, operations, and data reporting, and wants to use these skills to help MovingWorlds grow, improve, and ultimately, be more impactful. As MovingWorlds’ FIRST “Business Operations & Data Specialist” you will know that you’re a success if:
- MovingWorlds is able to deliver more programs more efficiently
- MovingWorlds team members can easily access data to improve their own operations and programs
- MovingWorlds team members improve their personal abilities to automate workflows and use data
- MovingWorlds stakeholders report higher customer experience scores

Your primary tasks will include:
- Working with team members to understand their processes, documenting them, and then serving as a partner to help improve them
- Customizing our CRM, marketing, sales, and reporting tools to improve processes and operations
- Analyzing the effectiveness of our different processes and operations, and sharing data with team members that can help them improve their own workflows - this will stretch across the program, marketing, sales and technical functions
- Co-designing, with each respective team members, process improvements
- Helping bring operational rigour to all aspects of our organization

You will work directly with our Director of Engineering to ensure that we are building sustainable improvements. You will also partner with our Programs team, which operates initiatives like the MovingWorlds Institute and strategic corporate accounts, to create realistic work back schedules and help monitor effective execution. We also hope that your passion for effective timeline management can help improve internal processes, like team meetings, retreat planning, and retrospectives.

In your first 100 days, you can expect to:
- Work directly with our Director of Engineering to understand key workflows in our CRM and start building reporting dashboards on their efficacy
- Work with our Director of Community and Customer Success to build new automation to improve the experience of MovingWorlds members from our Institute and Corporate programs (beyond workflow automation, this may even include customer business applications)
- Take ownership over the architecture, maintenance, and ongoing improvement of our customer support ticketing and FAQ tool
- Map out the customer experience for our key stakeholders by working with our existing program team,, identify ways to improve customer experiences using hypothesis-driven development, prioritize solutions, get team buy-in for the solutions, and initiate experiments to improve customer experience.
- Provide monthly and weekly reports on key performance indicators

As time goes on, we expect this role to continue to evolve with the company’s growth.
Social impact commitment
As a “social purpose corporation” (aka Benefit Corporation) we exist to help accelerate the progress of a more impactful, global social enterprise movement that employs more people in world-positive jobs. We absolutely look for mission alignment for all our team members.

Skills and experience

We are looking for someone that can have the ability to juggle multiple projects and context shift quickly between different parts of the business and with different team members, customize, and optimize workflow automation and data reporting tools. Currently, MovingWorlds uses the following suite of tools:
- A custom web application and CMS built on NodeJS with a PostgresSQL database
- Zoho (including CRM, Flow, Forms, Sign, Campaigns, Desk)
- WordPress Blog
- Google Analytics
- Google Apps / Drive
- Mixpanel
- HotJar
- Trello
- Slack
- Discourse
- AHrefs

As such, we hope that you have experience with these (or similar tools). More important, however, is a strong desire to be a strong individual contributor in a very central/important role and learn quickly.

Additional skills that will be helpful include:
- Clear, concise, and empathic communication style
- A basic understanding of computer science
- Basic level computer programming
- Data manipulation and visualization


While you will directly support every team member, your manager will be our Director of Engineering, who will help you prioritize responsibilities, and support you in your projects as needed. MovingWorlds is a flat organization, so you will also work with every person on the team, including the CEO.

Working at MovingWorlds

MovingWorlds is the #10 company in the Escape the City top companies to escape to / work for. We have a series of principles to help our global teamwork together effectively:

Be Catalytic
- Take risks on behalf of our users - embrace the failure that comes with it
- Stay focused on scale
- Create your own efficiencies
- Act with deliberate urgency

Think Fast and Slow
- Be open, curious, and analytically constructive
- Be strategic
- Think long term
- Get to the root

Build and Give Trust
- Believe in your fellow team members
- Invest in personal well-being
- Own your own development & learning


MovingWorlds is a social enterprise in the process of scaling globally. To prioritize our mission and keep as much equity as possible with our current and expanding team, we are expanding without raising additional capital. This means we’re looking for core team members open to a small base salary and more aggressive equity package.
- Salary offering TBD based on experience.
- As a social enterprise, we can’t guarantee that your salary will ever be as high as that of international corporations. We tie your salary to revenue growth. Last year, we grew 40% and this year we are on pace to do the same. In other words, a raise is likely within 12 months.
- Attractive equity package, per our Employee Stock Option Plan, will make up the difference between your market value and paycheck
- We’re looking for a core team member that is interested in equity and tying their personal success to that of our entire team
- Health benefits, or a stipend of up to $180 / month for it (after 1 month vesting period)
- Flexible vacation policy - just stay on top of your commitments
- Learning and development opportunities - our team is passionate about people development and we want to know your learning goals. Based on them, we’ll help you find a mentor or fund a learning journey
- Go Experteering - we’ll pay your round trip air for an Experteering trip, and give you the extra time for it, once every 4 years... We wish this was more frequent…. But #startuplife :)

Additional Benefits:
- Be the first-ever person to lead Operations at MovingWorlds
- Learn about social entrepreneurship in emerging markets
- Learn how to scale a business through lean startup principles
- Work with a growing startup team of like-minded and highly motivated colleagues
- Be part of a virtual team that lets you work from anywhere as the team grows (but our expectation that your first 6 months are in Portugal)
- Get amazing connections and insights across the social enterprise ecosystem
- A fully paid trip to someplace cool every year for our team retreat

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