Senior Software Engineer

About This Role

We’re starting with our personalized, data-driven customer service and sales model—but that’s just the beginning. We aim to be at the forefront of vertically-integrated fashion (think retail planning analytics, waste reduction, customer-centric product development) and full-circle customer experience (online+offline channel integration, analytics-driven personal styling and marketing, and tech-enabled personal touches). Our current system has taken us far and we’ve already been pretty innovative, but it’s time to build an in-house team to lay the groundwork for our next few years of growth.

What will you do?

Herein lies your opportunity:

  • Build an integrated CRM, marketing, and sales system with a combination of custom and third-party tools. Take our proven customer data-centric sales model and make it more efficient and scalable.

  • Define product and choose technologies as we grow, starting with a “free the data” architecture overhaul.

  • Help hire a team of engineers, both in-house and contract.

What skills do you have?

  • Know PHP backwards, forwards, and upside down. MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, too. Magento? Great!

  • Be good at (or ready to learn) commerce platform management and development.

  • Love the entire stack, from devops to cross-browser styling to A/B testing marketing campaigns to internal tooling.

  • Desire to set the foundation for an awesome engineering culture and help build the team.

  • Be excited about analytics and data-driven decisions.

  • Appreciate UX and the designers and engineers that make it possible.

  • Heart startups—you like flexibility and ownership; you move quickly and (sometimes) break things; you appreciate process, but don’t mind if it doesn’t exist sometimes.

See Inside the Office of MM.LaFleur

MM.LaFleur is an NYC-based e-commerce company that "takes the work out of dressing for work" for professional women. Combining aspects of a woman’s personal style and dynamic lifestyle, the company offers luxury-quality pieces at contemporary price points. MM.LaFleur’s business isn't limited to product—the company also publishes a digital magazine, The M Dash, and provides standout service by pairing each customer with her own MM stylist.

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