Senior Product Innovation Manager

About our company

MM.LaFleur is a fast-growing professional womenswear company based in New York City. We aim to be the go-to wardrobe solution for women of purpose by taking the work out of dressing for work. Through our thoughtfully-designed products and highly personalized service model, we celebrate and champion the modern professional woman.  


Who are we?

We're a varied group of go-getters who are passionate about reimagining the way women shop and dress for work. We’re scrappy, straightforward, strategic, and snack-oriented. We think big, but we sweat the details. We take our work (but never ourselves) seriously. We have a validated market and die-hard fans, a quickly growing revenue stream, and a whip-smart and energetic team. We are perfectionists who sometimes spill on our clothes. We truly believe we can do it better and faster and smarter—and have more fun while we’re at it. We are incredibly proud of the team and culture we’ve built, and are intensely focused on maintaining and evolving this special thing we’ve got going on.


About this role

At MM, fit and function is everything. It should be no surprise that we obsess over how to make every garment shine, and therefore help our woman live with purpose while dressing with ease. We are now ready to take this goal to the next level by adding a highly skilled,Senior Product Innovation Manager to our team.


What skills do you have?

  • 8-10 years of experience in technical design and extensive experience with fitting all categories
  • Experience with both domestic and international development processes
  • A highly developed eye and elevated aesthetic, enabling you to be clear on design intent and capable of taking ownership of the fit process after design details have been finalized.
  • Advanced knowledge of internal construction elements and a desire to find an intersection between luxury tailoring techniques and highly innovative, functional finishes
  • Excellent problem solving ability and out-of-the-box solution generation when it comes to adding functional, yet elegant construction features to garments
  • Management experience required
  • Experience with Plus size clothing would be an asset, though not required


What will you do?

  • You will be responsible for taking ownership of MM fit and grading standards, and ensuring consistency in fit across development and production. This will require thorough participation in fittings where you will be relied upon for your expertise in elevated and innovative garment construction.
  • You will take over ownership of each season’s fit at mid-development stage and will be responsible for taking each garment through development while maintaining the original design intent.
  • You will manage a small team of product developers and lead them through fabric and finish research & testing each season, working closely with the design team during this process of style development. Once we commence fittings, you will additionally guide the development team through fit call-outs, best materials to use for inner construction of garments and how to apply inventive finishes and details to the garments.
  • You will lead the build-out of a construction techniques library to be used as reference by the Design and Production teams.
  • You will review PPs and TOPs against final development samples and evaluate consistency in terms of spec, construction and specific design elements
  • You will have the final sign-off on development tech packs and will oversee all hand-offs from Design/Development to the Production team.


See Inside the Office of MM.LaFleur

MM.LaFleur is an NYC-based e-commerce company that "takes the work out of dressing for work" for professional women. Combining aspects of a woman’s personal style and dynamic lifestyle, the company offers luxury-quality pieces at contemporary price points. MM.LaFleur’s business isn't limited to product—the company also publishes a digital magazine, The M Dash, and provides standout service by pairing each customer with her own MM stylist.

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