Part-Time Production Intern

What will you do?

  • Observe design fittings to become familiar with styles, fabrications, and garment fit
  • Attend meetings during which the design team hands off new patterns and styles to production
  • Drop off final patterns and sew-bys at the midtown grading studio
  • Print tech packs and prepare them with required fabric swatches
  • Gather care and size labels and booklets to be dropped off at the factory
  • Prepare trim and lining swatch cards for the factories as reference for the upcoming season
  • Pick-up TOPs with sew-bys for TOP fittings.
  • Follow through with other errands between our studio and midtown factories.
  • Assist with garment quality checks
  • Gather sew-bys from factories of styles that are completed and re-organize the sew-by rack.

Hours: Part-time; approximately 15 hours / week

Compensation: Competitive hourly compensation


See Inside the Office of MM.LaFleur

MM.LaFleur is an NYC-based e-commerce company that "takes the work out of dressing for work" for professional women. Combining aspects of a woman’s personal style and dynamic lifestyle, the company offers luxury-quality pieces at contemporary price points. MM.LaFleur’s business isn't limited to product—the company also publishes a digital magazine, The M Dash, and provides standout service by pairing each customer with her own MM stylist.

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