Gameday Compliance Monitor (Seasonal)

    • New York, NY

Major League Baseball is hiring Gameday Compliance Monitors (GCM) to cover all 30 Major League Stadiums in 2020.

The job of the GCM is to ensure that all Club Personnel, as defined by Major League Baseball Regulation (“MLBR”) 1-1 (Sign Stealing and Pitch Identification), adhere to all gameday requirements of the Basic Agreement, Major League Rules, and Major League Baseball Regulations, and all directives of the Commissioner’s Office related thereto.  In this respect, GCM will be assigned to each game of the regular season and Postseason, and will be responsible for monitoring and reporting Club compliance with gameday requirements, including but not limited to: rules or regulations governing the storage and handling of baseballs; equipment and uniforms; rosters and transactions; sign stealing or pitch identification; and facility standards.  In this role, the GCM should avoid any direct conflicts with Club employees, players, coaches, and umpires and instead observe and report any issues or possible violations in a timely manner so that the Commissioner’s Office can follow up and enforce appropriately.


  • Arrive at the ballpark no later than two hours prior to the scheduled start time;
  • Monitor the storage and handling of baseballs;
  • Monitor compliant use of equipment;
  • Assist in monitoring required roster/transaction matters;
  • Work with Video Room Security agents to ensure there are no violations to technology and sign-stealing regulations;
  • Other game-day responsibilities during the regular season and postseason as determined by the Commissioner’s Office.


  • Regular availability to attend games in-person as required by the schedule, including weekdays, nights, weekends and holidays;
  • Strong knowledge of baseball and MLB rules;
  • Familiarity with video/replay hardware and software is preferred;
  • Professionalism in a Clubhouse atmosphere and ability to take responsibilities seriously and without bias;
  • Ability to work in live, fast-paced and high-pressure situations;
  • Ability to effectively communicate to Major League Baseball personnel.


  • Compensation is paid at an hourly rate.

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