Computer Vision Engineer

3+ months agoParis, France
Meero’s core mission is to empower photographers to focus on what they love: photography! We take care of the rest by relying on tech and AI.

Started in 2016, Meero is on a mission to make life easier for photographers and customers alike by bringing the top-name brands directly to image creators all the while expediting all of the tedious work. From its state-of-the-art image editing technology to our teams positioned around the world, Meero is helping creators do what they do best: create.

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We are currently looking for a Computer Vision Engineer to join our R&D team, and help us develop and deploy our image processing and deep learning pipelines to enhance the quality of the professional photos we deliver to our customers.

You will be part of a 10+ team of international Computer Vision scientists and engineers, continuously developing new image processing features that will be directly integrated into existing and future photo edition products, dedicated to image beautifying. Our pipelines are running in real time, improving millions of images per day. 

You will be evolving in a highly skilled and benevolent team, where the collective spirit and the respect of each team member is of utmost importance. Your main soft skills are humility and willingness to share knowledge and experience, involvement, patience and seeking for the best to re-work and re-design until it performs flawlessly, and last but not least contributing to our team spirit. 

The ideal candidate would hold an MSc in software engineering or computer vision, and have relevant experiences with development and refactoring of computer vision and/or deep learning solutions. An experience in optimisation and cloud platforms integration would be more than welcome.


- Humility, strong work ethics and social intelligence;
Willingness to learn and willingness to share;
- 2-3 years of experience in python for Computer vision algorithms engineering and/or deployment;
- Good Knowledge of TensorFlow or PyTorch, and ideally knowledge of optimizing deep learning code (TensorRT, etc.)
- The ability to clearly communicate complex ideas, both to technical colleagues and non-technical audiences;
- The ability to generate creative ideas and solutions to real-world problems, based on a deep understanding of the problem domain.


- You have an interest in photography, beautiful images, visual arts…
- You care about your teammates, such as… bringing cookies at work ;)
- You have optimised models using TensorRT or OpenVino and deployed the solution to a cloud platform


- Phone interview with a recruiter
- Interview with your future manager & a potential future teammate
- Technical test
- Reference check
- Speero interview to make sure you're aligned with Meero's spirit & values (have a look at our Meeronaut's journey here:
- Welcome on board !

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Client-provided location(s): Paris, France
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