Mobile Optometrist

Join us in our mission of delivering compassionate, high quality medical care with the freedom and autonomy you won’t find in an office practice. Learn more about discovering a quality of care and quality of life with Mobile Medical Examination Services, Inc (MedXM).

Typical duties and responsibilities of this position are:

• A full review of medical history
• Diabetic Retinopathy Exam
• Visual Acuity
• Ishihara (Color vision Test)
• Tonometry
• Internal and External Ocular Evaluation
• Work collaboratively with other MedXM employees, including the scheduling department, as needed.

Job Requirements:

• Current Optometry/Ophthalmology license & Board Certification
• Retinoscope
• Pen light
• Ophthalmoscope
• Tonometer or tonopen
• Eye Chart & Occluder
• Color vision test
• Biomicroscope for dilated exam
• 20D and 90D lenses for external and internal ocular evaluations
• Dilation drops
• Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word
• Valid Driver’s License, and proof of insurance
• Must have availability to complete a minimum of 20 exams per week
• Must be willing to commute

MedXM offers its Optometrists/Ophthalmologists the following benefits:

• Excellent Pay
• Laptop computer provided
• Flexibility in appointment scheduling

Meet Some of MedXM's Employees

Sarah G.

National Talent Acquisition Supervisor

Sarah is responsible for recruiting for internal positions, as well as recruiting multiple healthcare providers in several health-related fields to handle in-home health assessments with care and expertise.

Marvin C.

Quality Control Specialist

As a quality control specialist, Marvin facilitates the transition from training to live calling for new call center employees. He helps answer any questions and addresses any issues new employees may have as they begin calling health plan members for MedXM and their clients.

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