Senior Rails Engineer

We're a tiny team with ambition and room to grow. We have big dreams for MealPal's future and we need bright, talented people to help get us there. As a senior member of the engineering team, you'll be responsible for maintaining the happy path, slinging code, and guiding others as we build top-tier applications for customers and restaurants. You'll define what is possible and the right way to achieve it, driving the evolution of our backend tech stack for the engineering team writ large.

What you'll do:

You'll work across all aspects of our platform, familiarizing yourself with MealPal's business and how tech makes it all happen. Most product work falls into three application domains based on the customer it serves: subscriber, merchant, and "productivity" (e.g. internal ops, engineer efficiency, general happiness). You will maintain the components that power MealPal's core business, including inventory management, user signup, plan management, billing, pickup, etc.. As the team grows, you will specialize and ultimately own one of the application domains.

Examples of past projects:

MealPal's business depends on fast, reliable order management for thousands of restaurants and tens of thousands of customers across the country. Predictably, we deal a lot with transaction integrity and rely on PostgreSQL's locking mechanisms to ensure the integrity of the system, regardless of how popular any one meal is.

Eventually, we'll want to build more sophisticated models to determine what meals customers will want. MealPal should know what you want to order before you do, and we're building the technology to power those kinds of predictions.

  • Ensure correct accounting for meal inventory against reservations with reliable concurrency under heavy load.
  • Design well defined abstractions that make it easy to rationalize about reserving meals across multiple timezones.
  • Implement time-based "backoff-scaling" in Heroku to support our sawtooth usage pattern.
  • Participate in scoping and planning meetings to provide early feedback on product feature requirements.
  • Build a system for ingesting a fuzzy list of ingredients to drive confidence scores for stats like vegetarian, gluten-free, and "healthiness."

What we're looking for:

  • Love for the science and art of product-driven engineering.
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams encompassing product, design, engineering, and analytics.
  • 5+ years of experience building Rails apps on PostgreSQL
  • Deep understanding of fundamental CS algorithms & RDBMS mechanics.
  • Belief in and adherence to test-first development.
  • Consider logging and metrics collection a first-class priority.
  • Eager to engage in a whiteboard discussion on any topic from vertical scalability to human interaction design.

Bonus points:

  • makes you chuckle.
  • A GitHub account with a pet project or two.
  • Experience with high-volume, real-time inventory management systems.
  • Exposure to prediction or recommend & filter systems.
  • Opinions about SPAs & frameworks like Angular, React, & Vue.

Meet Some of MealPal's Employees

Katie G.


We have a great team of people here who are excited to build the company from the ground up and to truly make a difference every single day.

Ashley L.

Partnerships Lead

Ashley oversees MealPal’s Sales Teams across the U.S. and Canada, providing representatives on the ground with the support they need to launch MealPal’s lunch app across locations.

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