Solution Analyst - Healthcare Analytics & Delivery, New Ventures


  • Bachelor's degree in business or engineering preferred
  • Experience in the field of IT, consulting and/or business intelligence
  • Technical background, including knowledge of implementation and project management
  • Experience of working with large databases, data visualization tools, machine learning and statistics preferred; Knowledge of Hadoop, Hive, Tableau, R, R-shiny, SQL is a a plus
  • Able to work well with teams across continents/time zones
  • Sound problem-solving skills with ability to quickly process complex information and present it clearly and simply
  • Curious and committed to personal development
  • Client service and operation mindset

Who You'll Work With

You'll work with our Healthcare Analytics & Delivery (HA&D) team and will be based in New York. Healthcare Analytics & Delivery is part of McKinsey's New Ventures.

The Healthcare Analytics & Delivery team uses healthcare data (payer / provider / 3rd party data) and analytics to answer some of the most pressing questions our healthcare clients have today such as "How do we manage cost of care while improving quality?", "How do we remain competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape?", "Who are the most vulnerable patients and what interventions can we design to better care for them?".

Our capabilities are foundational to multiple high profile initiatives and have been core to the Healthcare practice in delivering organization wide transformation programs for payors (public and private) or providers. The team has grown to 200+ colleagues globally over the last 4 years. It is a unique mix of Healthcare Experts, physicians, statisticians, engineers, data scientists, and more.

McKinsey New Ventures fosters innovation driven by analytics, design thinking, mobile and social by developing new products/services and integrating them into our client work. It is helping to shift our model toward asset-based consulting and is a foundation for –and expands our investment in –our entrepreneurial culture. Through innovative software as a service solutions, strategic acquisitions, and a vibrant ecosystem of alliances, we are redefining what it means to work with McKinsey.

As one of the fastest-growing parts of our firm, New Ventures has more than 1,500 dedicated professionals (including more than 800 analysts and data scientists) and we're hiring more mathematicians, data scientists, designers, software engineers, product managers, client development managers and general managers.

What You'll Do

You will deliver top notch, subscription based analytic services to some of our most important clients, working hand-in-and with our Episodes of Care, Population Health, and Healthcare Data Management domains.

These services range from static healthcare performance reports used to enhance physician performance to web-accessible dynamic reports. You will be a part of the team that produce the analytics using our proprietary big data and analytic platform; you will be trained on this platform and it will become a core element in your toolkit.

In addition to mastering the platform, you will become fluent with the upstream data model and content, as well as the downstream visualization tools, both of which are critical in producing quality outputs. You will be part of a team that will look to drive improvements through automation/optimization of the processes to gain efficiencies and enable faster transition to the steady state, and you'll be accountable for the client engagements for which these solutions are delivered. This will require skills in project management and client communication as you participate in problem solving sessions with clients and consultants.

Additionally, you'll support clients in their use of the solutions to sustainably drive high impact. This involves engaging with client sponsors on a regular basis to discuss about how to drive user adoption, help them with questions they might have regarding the Solution usage or applicability, etc. You'll also work with client representatives and McKinsey consultants in joint problem solving sessions and drive the process of converting/enriching raw client data sources into the high added value datamart required for Solutions to deliver the insights related to the business challenges at stake. You will have the opportunity to master the analytics/methodology embedded in the Solutions and as well as the data concepts related to the Solution functional or sector domains and you'll develop a deep understanding of the domain/function (across pricing, promotions, trade architecture and assortment) and how they are implemented in an organisation.

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