Senior Knowledge Analyst - Recovery & Transformation Services


  • Post-graduate OR Graduate degree from top-tier institutions in Computer Applications/ Engineering/ Business Management/ Mathematics/ Operations research (with strong quantitative background)
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, including the ability to disaggregate issues, identify root causes and recommend solutions.
  • Strong modeling and programming skills using Excel, VBA with at least 2 years of experience
  • Basic SQL skills (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  • Familiarity with data visualization tools such as Tableau and/or PowerBI
  • Knowledge of applying fundamental business concepts, operations research and statistical techniques
  • Energetic, cooperative and pleasant personality. Able to work with and coach effectively a diverse group of team members
  • Detail oriented and with ability to work under pressure, mentally resilient to endure the long and tough road of a transformation
  • Flexibility, patience, and an understanding of fluid, demanding, and unstructured environments where priorities evolve constantly
  • Highly pragmatic, focused on achieving outcomes and impact
  • Entrepreneurial and proactively thinking about potential improvements to how things are done
  • Previous work experience in building business algorithms/ scenario planners/ solving business problems using optimization techniques and running project management offices is preferred
  • Basic software engineering project management experience in Agile, Lean, or Scrum development is a plus (in particular defining requirements, rapidly iterating and deploying features)
  • Ready to travel to various client locations globally

Who You'll Work With

RTS is a special unit of McKinsey that delivers a proven approach from transformational change to clients seeking radical and sustainable performance improvement. Over the last several years, we have worked with more than a hundred organizations around the world and across sectors. Most of our clients are driven by a desire to capture untapped potential; others face significant external challenges or industry discontinuities.

We are not ordinary consultants. We are specialists in transformative business improvement. We apply the proven 'RTS Recipe' to allow us to rapidly unlock value. In addition to being counselors to our clients, we act as coaches, pushing our clients to do more than they thought was possible.

The core of the RTS recipe is the "Transformation Office", the small team at the heart of every transformation that orchestrates all other client and McKinsey activity. At the core of the Transformation Office (TO) is the TO SWAT Analyst, who intimately understands the RTS recipe and all of the tools and processes required to deliver it.

What You'll Do

You will apply your data engineering skill-sets to transform clients, solve real-life complex problems and deliver long-term sustainable impact. You'll work across all various phases of RTS engagement and get a complete 360 degree of our work. You will work with colleagues and clients to set-up and execute a best in class Transformation Office and the related Performance Infrastructure.

Effective and impactful dashboarding/reporting is key to the role; you will build business, optimization, financial, scenario models and deploy RTS tools drawing upon various analytics techniques e.g., Excel, VBA, Tableau, PowerBI, SQL, Nerve, SnapLogic etc.

You will enable best in class deployment of McKinsey's transformation management tools (Wave/ Excalibur or others) and enable effective cadence planning, impact capturing and program management. You will work hand in hand with team members from clients, CST's and multiple Firm capabilities to ensure seamless delivery.

You will provide guidance and leadership to teams on analytics and build client capabilities and pull in the latest Firm developments in technology and client service to advance the current practice.

You will challenge CST/ client mindsets about what is possible and how things are done and actively participate in building team's strategy on knowledge and capability development and expected to explore wider horizons both internally and externally to expand the service offerings of the team.

You will be on track as a Knowledge Consultant. TO Analysts are expected to focus for 1-3 years on truly mastering the RTS recipe, and then have many options available to them.

We expect successful TO Analysts to take oneor multiple paths, including:

  • Remaining on the RTS Knowledge path and becoming a deep expert either in the delivery of the RTS Recipe itself, helping a variety of CSTs to set up and deliver RTS or of the many emerging disciplines within RTS, including areas such as working capital, pricing optimization, etc
  • Transfering to the RTS Consulting path and becoming a transformation leader, transitioning over time to roles such as Asc, VP, SVP, Partner, etc
  • Moving on to other opportunities around the Firm

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