Senior Digital Analyst - Process and Software Robotics


  • Bachelor's degree with some Automation experience; Advanced degree is a plus
  • Organized, analytical and able to engage and communicate at the highest levels
  • Experience with Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen and other process management methodologies
  • Ability to understand the business requirements and convert them into tool agnostic solution designs and think outside the confines of a specific tool
  • Ability to objectively evaluate and suggest the right tools, techniques and platforms for various client situations regardless of personal experience and comfort
  • Experience producing detailed technical design documents to match the solution design specifications and advising a team of functional consultants on aspects around delivery of the architecture
  • Experience working as part of Scrum teams
  • Active learner, tinkering with new open source libraries, using unfamiliar technologies with minimal supervision and learning new programming languages and platforms in their spare time, etc.
  • Excited to deliver a pragmatic and innovative approach that optimizes processes across business strategies and technology capabilities
  • Strong presentation, writing and communication skills in public and private meeting forums
  • Experience in balancing customization with supportability in client's environments

Who You'll Work With

You'll work in our Berlin office as part of our Digital McKinsey team.

Digital McKinsey brings together the best of McKinsey's digital capabilities—drawing from our Business Technology Office, McKinsey Digital Labs, and our digital functions and combining them in one cohesive organization. Digital McKinsey not only advises but also builds, operates, and transfers capabilities to help our clients use digital technology to transform their businesses.

Our development teams are small, flexible and employ agile methodologies to quickly provide our consultants with the solutions they need. We combine the latest open source technologies together with traditional Enterprise software products.

What You'll Do

You will help businesses improve the efficiency of processes and effectiveness of their services by analysing technologies from leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendors.

In this role, you will have the ability to leverage other areas of Digital McKinsey including the agile prototyping and transformation experts and digital design specialists to provide a differentiating and distinctive service. You'll help create minimum viable products (MVPs) and advise clients on determining the optimal business model. You'll identify the right automation tools and help plan their automation roadmap.

You will be a core member of the McKinsey consulting team with responsibilities that range from analysing and implementing strategic technology products to ensuring that McKinsey's craft stays on the leading edge of technology.

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