Healthcare Implementation Specialist (Jakarta)


  • Undergraduate and/or Master's degree in business, engineering, operations or healthcare-related disciplines
  • 3-5 years of working experience in the healthcare field, healthcare field, clinical field, clinical operations, supply chain, service operations and/or IT experience preferred.
  • Outstanding records of academic and managerial or professional achievement
  • Demonstrated leadership and integrity in a team or project based environment
  • Strong people skills and an ability to engage all levels of the organization (especially front-line)
  • Ability to apply problem-solving and experience-based judgment to complex challenges by focusing on the critical issues and constraints that affect business performance
  • A willingness to "roll up your sleeves'" and work at all levels of a client organization
  • Understanding of the principles of change management and performance metrics
  • Responsible for client team training and general capability building related to implementation
  • Extensive experiences in rolling out implementation on a large scale and project management
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Strong interest and passion for coaching or mentoring clients
  • Skills to communicate complex ideas effectively, both in written and verbal language in English and Thai / Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Malaysia
  • Comfort with extensive travel (4-5 days/week)

Who You'll Work With

You will work in one of our Southeast Asia offices as part of McKinsey Implementation.

McKinsey Implementation (MI) is a rapidly growing, global capability for McKinsey & Company. It provides distinctive end-to-end support to ensure our clients deliver and sustain the full benefits of McKinsey's recommended change in their business. MI is a core component of our consulting services and from our first involvement in a project, the team is on the ground, ensuring that implementation success is a priority. We engage at a deep level across our clients' businesses, working in small McKinsey teams, but often working with many clients, to build the capabilities, systems, and processes needed to deliver bottom-line results with an aim to ensure those results will be sustained. Our work is about coaching and delivering lasting outcomes.

Due to outstanding growth globally and here in South East Asia, we are seeking talented individuals in the healthcare sector to join our team. You will be based in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok; however our work is in Southeast Asia with travel to our clients' sites.

What You'll Do

You will have active involvement in projects including the delivery of complex analyses, metrics and sustained client engagement at all levels of an organization.

You'll focus on the delivery of impactful results on critical issues currently experienced by leading businesses, you'll build client capabilities by encouraging our clients to achieve successes beyond their expectations, and you'll deliver sustainable changes which incorporate McKinsey's latest thinking. You'll also have the opportunity to gain powerful experiences across a number of industry sectors.

You will be applying problem-solving and experience-based judgement to complex challenges by focusing on the critical issues and constraints that affect business performance, and you'll have the chance to demonstrate leadership, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, and the ability to work with people across all levels in an organization to make them successful.

Joining McKinsey Implementation means that you will quickly learn how to recognize patterns of impending problems, or confirm that the project is on the right track. In addition to being outstanding analysts, our consultants are solutions-oriented, pragmatic and empathetic individuals who bring out the best in teams and drive for impact. You will need the confidence and ability to build very strong relationships with clients and, using coaching skills, influence teams to deliver excellent results.

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