Faculty - Digital Capability Center


  • 5 years + industry experience with at least 2 year experience in lean/operation improvement/digital operation related role
  • 1 years + faculty role for external and internal operation trainings
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills
  • A good understanding and experience of Lean transformation and digital operations, such as, automation, IoT, advanced analysis, digital performance
  • Willing to work in a highly demanding and result-oriented team environment
  • Fluency in both English and Mandarin

Who You'll Work With

You'll work with the team in our Digital Capability Center in Beijing.

McKinsey's Operations Practice is one of the fastest growing practices in McKinsey globally and in Asia. We are committed to helping our clients achieve world-class operations. Blending strategic thinking with hands-on implementation, we develop and define operational strategies to help our clients around the world solve their most critical problems. We tackle the key operational challenges faced by our clients, particularly in the areas of supply chain management, product development, purchasing & supply management, service operations, manufacturing, and capital productivity. To ensure we continue to deliver distinctive expertise to our clients, we hire primarily experienced professionals with strong industry background.

To help our clients succeed in increasingly uncertain and competitive environment, McKinsey and Tsinghua University have jointly established the Digital Capability Center (DCC) in Beijing. Combining Tsinghua's R&D strength and Mckinsey's global DCC network, DCC-Beijing is well positioned to partner with our clients in every stage of their digital transformation journey. DCC-Beijing offers a wide range of tailored training, experimental learning, impact-oriented use cases and holistic digital solutions for executives, managers and engineers to develop the vision, leadership and skills of future digital transformation.

What You'll Do

You will join as faculty to renew and design our training and capability building program and to deliver and facilitate training and workshop sessions.

You'll design and renew the Digital Capability Center's training and capability building programs by creating a new training system, designing new training courses and/or capability building programs, and you'll continuously improve the quality of the training curriculum over time. Additionally, you'll capture the trend of IoT/Industry 4.0 technology development and client needs through these sessions.

You'll have the opportunity to develop demonstration workshops and case sharing by taking the lead to design and improve these sessions and by introducing the latest and greatest IoT/Industry 4.0 technology. You'll deliver and facilitate training sessions for our internal teams and you'll also provide high quality training and workshops for our clients, either on-site or off-site.

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