Data Engineer - New Ventures Campus


  • Be currently enrolled in an academic program and looking for a full time job in 2018
  • Ability to structure and analyze data in appropriate framework (e.g., Excel, Access, VBA, SQL)
  • Passion for data tools and processes to drive business insights
  • Strong analytical thinking, process management and quality control
  • Ability to quickly understand and appreciate underlying business context, problems and objectives of analytical projects
  • Clear communication skills to run well defined analyses and produce reports
  • Excellent time management skills

Who You'll Work With

You'll work with our New Ventures team in one of our North America offices.

McKinsey New Ventures fosters innovation driven by analytics, design thinking, mobile and social by developing new products/services and integrating them into our client work. It is helping to shift our model toward asset-based consulting and is a foundation for –and expands our investment in –our entrepreneurial culture. Through innovative software as a service solutions, strategic acquisitions, and a vibrant ecosystem of alliances, we are redefining what it means to work with McKinsey.

As one of the fastest-growing parts of our firm, New Ventures has more than 1,500 dedicated professionals (including more than 800 analysts and data scientists) and we're hiring more mathematicians, data scientists, designers, software engineers, product managers, client development managers and general managers. Jr. Specialists have a base of expertise in a function or industry. They are staffed on engagements (largely in full time roles) and are expected to leverage expertise to solve some of the most pressing and complex issues at clients.

What You'll Do

You'll conduct full life cycle analysis of data sets in consultation with senior colleagues, including implementing data acquisition, cleansing, transformation and upload activities.

You will provide analysis, analytical modeling, and/or visualization of data sets using relevant data tools. You'll identify possible trends and patterns in the data, and communicate relevant findings that help support problem solving, insight generation and decision making.

You'll apply your understanding of client data sets and intended use to effectively capture, validate, cleanse, transform and upload data. You'll perform quality checks to ensure consistency, integrity and robustness of data. You'll proactively identify potential issues (e.g., inconsistencies) with data quality, collection or reporting. You'll support solution delivery team, often remotely, in managing client data.

You'll leverage standard reporting to clearly articulate findings to solution delivery team or client team. You will be responsible for coding and scripting (SQL) for automating data transformation and loading specified by delivery team. You will perform impactful data enrichment, based on understanding of the sector/industry and types of data that are available in the space.

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